How To Launch And Keep Running A Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

With the newer forms of digital marketing taking the center stage, such as social media and influencer marketing, is email marketing still worth it? The answer is a resounding YES. It is estimated that the total number of email users will reach 4.3 billion in 2022 from 3.7 million in 2017.

Email delivers a strong return in investment. Reports show that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $32. Email marketing is a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is widely practiced by many companies worldwide to increase their online traffic. Mainly, such service may be provided by a digital marketing agency.

Email marketing can certainly help your business grow. You can utilize it to raise brand awareness, find new customers, connect with your existing clients, expand your market, track user engagement, get feedback, and so much more. But in order to get the best results, it has to be done right. There are several ways to launch a successful email marketing campaign.

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Getting Started

Before launching an email marketing campaign, there are a few things that you have to do:

Prepare Your Email List

Successful email marketing campaigns have one thing in common – they have an email list of qualified leads who are interested to know about what they offer. When building your email list, quality is more important than quantity. So, before you send an email to a person, make sure that you’ve asked for their permission. Aside from asking your site visitors as well as former customers to opt into your subscription list, you can also consider using exit-intent popups to convert abandoning visitors into subscribers.

Set Your Marketing Goals

Once you’ve created your email list, it’s time to define your goal for your marketing campaign. Typical goals include welcoming new customers, announcing special offers, boosting engagement, re-engaging previous customers, and nurturing your existing clients.

Use An Email Service Provider

Technology makes it easy to implement an email marketing campaign. Email service providers are platforms that give you the tools to launch and analyze your campaigns automatically. Before sending your campaigns to your email subscribers or potential customers, you want to perform email validation to ensure deliverability.

Creating The Content

Your email content is the meat of your marketing campaign. It is not enough that your email is received by qualified leads. You want these people to take action. To avoid getting marked as spam or being ignored by your recipients, focus on crafting high-quality content for your email campaign.

Send The Right Message

You want to deliver the message that the recipients look forward to. If they subscribed to know about your latest products or services, or get updates about discounts and special offers, then your email campaigns should be about these matters, nothing more, nothing less. Keep your content relevant.

Design It Right

The visual presentation of your email campaign is a major factor to consider. Good thing, most email service providers come with templates that make designing campaigns easier. Basically, you want your campaigns to look neat, well-polished, professional, and a little more creative, depending on the industry you’re in. Lastly, be consistent in the design. Your emails are also a reflection of your brand. It’s good if you can incorporate your company colors, logo, and other design that represents your business.

Personalize Your Emails

To increase engagement, aim to create a unique experience for your potential or current customer. You can do this by leveraging the power of personalization. Receiving personalized emails make your customers feel special. One way to make your campaigns more personal is by using the first name of your customers or prospects in the subject line or body of your email.


You want to make sure that your prospects or customers are receiving your emails. This is what digital marketers called deliverability. Put simply, it refers to the ability to deliver emails to your subscribers’ inboxes. In addition to validating email addresses, there are some other things that you need to do to maintain a high deliverability rate for your campaigns.

Monitor Your IP Reputation Scores

The last thing you want to happen is for your email to go straight into the spam folder of your subscriber’s inbox. Be careful about sending your campaigns. Begin by sending emails in small batches, starting from those who are already engaged. As your emails are received and opened by these people, your IP reputation score increases.

Integrate A Sender Policy Framework

This policy increases the receiving email server’s trustworthiness in your campaigns. It works by checking the domain name against the IP address to check whether it is legitimate. Without a sender policy framework, there’s a higher chance that your emails might be rejected.


Email marketing remains to be a powerful approach to promoting your business online. When used appropriately, it can help you find customers, boost brand awareness, and increase your sales. You can launch an email marketing campaign for varying reasons.

Regardless of what it is, make sure that you have a list of email subscribers who are interested in what you want to let them know. Also, make sure that you are creating relevant, high-quality contents.

Don’t forget about the presentation of your email. It’s much better to keep it neat, short, and personalized. Lastly, ensure that your campaigns are received by your prospects or customers by strengthening your email campaign’s deliverability.

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