How To Protect Your Personal Finances As A Business Owner

As a business owner, it can be difficult managing the finances of the business while also juggling your personal finances. There’s a 50% chance that a small business will fail within the first five years, which can leave a lot of business owners concerned about their own personal finances. Fortunately, there are a few steps business owners can take to protect their personal finances.

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Have Adequate Disability And Life Insurance

Many small business owners don’t have adequate life or disability. They might choose not to have good insurance because they assume their business is worth enough to cover the costs if something were to happen. In the event of a death or disability, many families are left having to sell the business to cover the costs. Having good insurance is worth the cost and ensures that your family and business will be taken care of.

Separate Business And Personal Funds

Keeping your business and personal finances separate helps you keep track of all your expenses. If you have your business and personal funds lumped together, your business could be viewed as less professional. Using personal cards and checks for business purchases doesn’t give off the appearance of a professional business. The IRS also won’t think you’re a legitimate business, not having a business account could get your business classified as a hobby.

Save For Retirement

Much like with life and disability insurance, many small business owners don’t have enough saved up for retirement. If your business were ever to fail, you would need your retirement plan to have in the future. Business owners not saving up for retirement are at risk of not being able to take care of themselves as they get older.

Get Professional Tax Advice

There are many tax benefits available for small businesses that owners can take advantage of. To help save money during tax times, business owners might want to consider hiring a tax professional. Taxes for businesses can be difficult, just because you’re able to do your personal taxes doesn’t mean business taxes are the same. Hiring a tax professional ensures that everything is done correctly.

Diversify Your Investments

Side businesses and other investments can help you keep an income should something happen to your business. When you want your business to succeed, you might want to invest everything that you have to help your business grow. This could cause you to lose out on all the money you invested while diversifying keeps you protected.

Save For An Emergency Fund

Especially for those with a business that has an offseason, keeping an emergency fund can help keep you and your family covered if your revenue slows down. Even you’re only making less money temporarily, an emergency fund can come in handy when you need it. Making sure you have money to fall back on can keep you from having to file bankruptcy in PA if you fall too far into debt.

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