The Importance Of Designating A Fire Warden In Your Office

Accidents are inevitable, and this is probably something you are well aware of. Especially when you are running a business, it’s not just all about maintaining a healthy and clean work environment, in fact, it’s also about taking precautionary measures to fight an unexpected situation that can put your employees and your whole office at risk.

In other words, here are talking about the fire in your office. No matter what you do, a simple single mistake can put the whole office building on fire, and this is the last thing on Earth that you’d ever want to see happening in your life. It’s not just the building destruction; in fact, it can be life-threatening for you and your workers.

The question here is, how exactly can you cope with a situation if fire ensues your office? You need someone to take charge of the situation, and you need someone who can quickly rescue everyone out of the building and call the fire brigade as soon as possible. In other words, you do need a fire warden among your employees because this is one of the most important measures you need to take for the safety of your office and your workers.

You see, it takes seconds for a fire to spread and take over all of the buildings. A person with a clear conscience needs to be in charge of such a situation to stop the fire from spreading. Or if not that, you definitely need someone who can save everyone.

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Duties Of A Fire Warden

There are several fire warden duties that you need to consider when designating someone in this position. For starters, you, of course, have a fire alarm in your office, now you need a person or an officer who can quickly evacuate the building and usher everyone out without creating panic.

After safely bringing everyone out of the building, the person then has to meet everyone at a safe location and ensure that no one is left inside the building. In other words, a headcount to ensure that everyone’s safety is essential at that moment. Other than this, here are some basic duties of a fire warden in such emergency;

Keeping the employees in a designated location and making sure that all of them stay there without creating panic. No one should be leaving the scene until the authorities arrive and clear the building or deem it as “Safe to return”.

They are informing the authorities about the section of the building that he didn’t get a chance to check prior to evacuation. This way, the authorities take over, and they rush to that particular section to make sure that everyone’s out of danger and out of the building that’s on fire.

How To Choose An Office Fire Warden?

This is quite difficult because it’s true that not all people have the heart and brains to work proactively in such a situation. People panic, and it’s quite natural, so you really have to be careful with your selection. The person designated as the fire warden of the office needs to be able to calm in stressful situations. He should be the one in the lead when there’s a crisis. He should always have an updated employee list with him.

On top of everything else, he should be aware of the fire alarm system, and he needs to monitor it every now and then to ensure that it’s working properly.


This is some important basic information that you should have about designating a fire warden in your office. The importance of this position is pretty clear that accidents and emergencies like fires etc are totally inevitable and unpredictable. To save yourself and your employees from losing their lives, you have to take this seriously.

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