Improve Efficiency Of Meeting Room Bookings With Meeting Room Booking System

Meeting rooms are an essential part of any workplace. Although many meetings have moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 50% of respondents in a recent survey said impromptu or scheduled meetings and socializing are the reasons they’d like to get back to the office. Yet, they can also be unproductive when not well managed.

However, you can use a meeting room booking system to ensure efficient use of your meeting rooms as well as enhance meeting productivity. Whether it is the difficulty of scheduling a meeting, no shows, double bookings, overcrowding, or cleaning, a meeting room booking system helps to streamline bookings and minimize challenges associated with booking and maintenance of meeting rooms.

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Why Use Meeting Room Booking System?

Using a meeting room booking software will do more for you than just avoiding a turf-war when scheduling meetings and maintaining meeting rooms. This software eliminates most of the friction points of getting into the desired workspace.

First, the software allows the meeting coordinator to log into the system through the conference room touchscreen of the mobile app. They can then check the interactive map to see which rooms are available on what dates and time, the capacity of the meeting rooms, the meeting type such as video conferencing, and other requirements.

Secondly, the coordinator can then book a room and send invites to guests. They can also sync the meeting with Outlook or Google calendar. When meeting time comes, the coordinator will check into the meeting room with the guests doing the same as they come in. Finally, once the meeting is over, you can schedule the meeting room for cleaning before making it available for other bookings. In the event of a cancellation, the meeting coordinator will log into the system and cancel the meeting effectively notifying the guests about the cancellation.

Using a meeting room booking system makes the process of scheduling, canceling, and using conference rooms convenient and efficient.

Features Of A Meeting Room Booking System That Enhance Efficiency

When looking for meeting room booking software, you need to know the features that the system comes with and what that means for your business. It is these features that make it easy for people to get into a room with ease, to keep the spaces healthy, and for convenors of meetings to make decisions that are backed by data.

Here are some seven features of a meeting room booking system you must not ignore:

Capacity-specific booking. When you have information on the capacity of the room, scheduling becomes easy because you can select a meeting room that is perfect for your needs. Having the right information will help to avoid crowding.

Real-time data. The traditional way of booking meetings is hardly ever up to date. Booking software gives you real-time information about who is using which office at what time, where they are as well as the available meeting rooms.

Data analytics. With a meeting booking system, you’ll get more than just space from the conference room. You can use the analytics function to understand when and how your office is scheduling different meeting spaces. The data makes it easy for you to make data-driven decisions for your meeting space as well as any future adjustments you need to make to your flexible space.

Calendar integration. It is easier to get meeting participants to attend a meeting on a specific date, time and location when you’re able to communicate directly with them through meeting room calendars. You can integrate the booking system with your Google and Outlook calendar, send reminders, give directions and update participants on any changes immediately.

Integration of messaging app. The meeting room booking system can double up as a communication tool, making your meetings come together with ease. The ability to integrate messaging apps makes for an advanced automatic meeting booking software.

Abandoned meeting protection. Abandoned meetings often eat into the efficiency of your meeting rooms and eventually your ROI. The best booking system identifies lost opportunities in real-time and puts the space back into the availability pool so that it can be taken by those who need it.

Contact tracing. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it mandatory for offices to be responsible for who is visiting and meeting in-person as a way of mitigating the spread of the coronavirus. This feature is critical in cases where there’s a positive test result. The booking system makes it possible to capture details of the attendees through check-ins, to be able to trace them whenever necessary.

The features of booking software make scheduling, canceling, and the use of meeting rooms efficient and convenient. Although the main selling points of meeting room booking systems are great integration and ease of use, the ability to keep your staff safe is the crowning factor.

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