Innovative Job Applications That Actually Work

Competition in the job market is a real tension in the life of job seekers. After completing a degree, students feel excited to float their resume in the market. In this situation, you have to do something different standout in the pool of job seekers. Your job search starts with a resume that will decide your fate.

After understanding the importance of the first impression, several job seekers have agreed to give a new look to their resume. The response of an employer to atypical resume may vary in each case, but here are some beautiful examples of creative job applications.

If you are searching a new way to increase your visibility chances, you have to take a risk. These efforts may help you to get noticed before a potential employer. Here are some innovative ideas that job seekers use to make them seen.

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Milk Carton

A job seeker had decided to show his talent to potential employers in a unique way. Miguel Rato had agreed to create a bespoke milk carton and put his name and picture on one side of carton under the section of missing person.

He had listed his specialty programs under the list of ingredients and ranked all his skills at every program as low calorie, medium or high-calorie content to inform the employer that he is a skilled person. After creating a “Nutrition” section, he added different domains as per his expertise. His job application caught instant attention of the potential employer, and he got an interview call.

Chocolate Box

A candidate used this idea to enhance the mood of recruiters evaluating his resume. He has decided to design a resume similar to a chocolate box. The box featured the name of candidate “Rob Jervis” instead of the name of the chocolate brand.

After designing his resume, he had filled these boxes with delicate hand-made ruffles. The inside lid of the box contains an “About Me” detailing his relevant experience and qualifications. The Rob Jervis received positive feedback for this resume, and he managed a placement for two weeks that has resulted in a junior design job.

A Pizza Box

Rachel Soleil-Lerch is another name who selected a pizza box design for her resume. She conscripted the assistance of resume designer, and they made a resume similar to a pizza box. This box was delivered to potential recruiters. The pizza box had a list of experience, skills, and studies on colorful notes glued to the lid.

The note has a personalized message detailing the primary skills of Rachel under the title of “Main Ingredients.” This presentation was great for Rachel and landed her for a job interview followed by a job. You can try this method to share your information with a potential employer creatively.

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