Inside The Brain Of An Entrepreneur [Chart]

We’ve written a lot of business articles on Bit Rebels, and although some are written about topics pertaining to a corporate environment, our favorites are the entrepreneurial articles. Richard and I are both entrepreneurs, and we have a never-ending passion for making dreams come true. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just a style of working; it’s a way of life. Entrepreneurs don’t stop working for the day and then “shut it off” so to speak. Their brains are constantly churning. Let’s take a look inside the brain of an entrepreneur.

This chart called Inside The Entrepreneur’s Brain (created by Grasshopper) delves into what makes an entrepreneur tick. Someone who isn’t an entrepreneur might look at this graphic and think it’s crazy. When you look inside the brain of a self-employed person, it might seem messy and chaotic. It’s true that entrepreneurs are often misunderstood by others, and many times other people cannot understand why they have chosen that path in life.

To those of us who have dedicated our lives to an entrepreneurial lifestyle, it all makes sense, and we don’t worry too much about what the rest of the world thinks. I agree with everything on this graphic except the ‘Power Pondering’ section that talks about power suits and power lunches. I’m more obsessed with a good fitting pair of blue jeans than a power suit, and I usually eat lunch in front of my computer which is not a power lunch environment. Other than that, this is spot on.

Do you have what it takes to live the hard working, creative yet financially unpredictable life of an entrepreneur? You can find out by clicking over to What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur. In the meantime, enjoy looking inside the brain of an entrepreneur.

Inside The Brain Of A Dedicated & Motivated Entrepreneur

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