Internal Communications: What Motivates Gen Z In The Workplace

The professional profile differs greatly from generation to generation with each generation presenting a unique challenge. But there has never been a generation like Gen Z. And you have to know what motivates Gen Z in the workplace so that they feel happy and remain at your company.

You might be thinking that this is no easy task, since the behavior depends on the country in question. Despite there being 193 countries (according to ONU) in the world, this generation has a lot in common, independent of their geographical location.

By the way, if you need any help you can always count on a certain international agency. You can also read this text. Here you will get more of an understanding about the general characteristics of this generation in the workplace.

But first, on our first stop you will learn a little bit more about what internal communications is, and its relevance.

Internal Communications motivates Gen Z workplace


What Is Internal Communication?

Internal communication is a set of actions that promote effective communication between members of an organization. It is based on theories and practices in related professions, such as journalism, public relations, marketing and human resources, among others.

It’s responsible for:

  • Keeping everyone updated.
  • Connecting employees.
  • Keeping your fingers on the pulse of your workforce.
  • Inspiring employees and building positive morale.
  • Measuring the impact of internal messaging.

So, now that we have a good idea of what internal communication is, let’s go to the next challenge: how to inspire and keep Gen Z workers interested in this sector job.

Who Is Gen Z?

Before talking about what motivates Gen Z in the workplace you should find out who they are. They were born between 1997 and 2012. And they are different from previous generations.

While prior generations worked to have material goods such as their own home, this is not the case for Gen Z. Just 41% of Gen Zers expect to own a home one day (McKinsey).

This generation grew up with the internet it is known for the.

  • Technological knowledge.
  • Adaptability.
  • The ongoing desire to learn and develop.

As every human being has different characteristics, there is no way to generalize. But there are aspects in common among people of this age. Typically they are motivated by a purpose and the desire to make a positive impact on their surroundings.

And is no different in the workplace, as you will see next.

What Motivates Gen Z In The Workplace?

Many Gen Zers are graduating and entering the workplace. But traditional companies find it very difficult to keep these people in the company as they don’t consider the particularities of this generation.

Instead of trying to force the old way upon these people, there are other companies that are adapting to the true needs of these professionals.

And you can learn from them. It is time to see what motivates gen z in the workplace

Give Feedback And Frequent Acknowledgment

This generation is used to receiving immediate feedback on social media about everything they do. Whether its views, likes or comments. Gen Z grew up immediately knowing if what they were doing was working and how people felt about it.

So it’s expected that they want the same in the workplace. They need immediate feedback and recognition to feel motivated.

And leaders must adapt to this. This can be accomplished with regular check-ins with team members. Holding weekly, biweekly, or monthly meetings to discuss team members’ progress and being open to understanding the team’s challenges and suggesting ways to help.

This is also the moment to provide feedback it needs to:

  • Be specific.
  • Be actionable.
  • Contain acknowledgment of achievements and work.

But don’t think for a second this feedback can be lip service. It must be genuine. This generation is not easily fooled by empty praise.

Professional Growth And Development Opportunities

Gen Z wants to know how far they can grow in the company and continue learning and developing. According to NSHSS about 67% of Gen Z want to work where they can learn skills to advance their careers.

So find ways to give back to your workers. They want to learn and improve. Make sure they do.

Also, provide a clear career plan so they understand how to get to the level they want within your company or you will lose them to others.


They want to be the master of their time. They want to work wherever they can. This business of waking up at 5am, taking the subway and going to work every day is not exactly the profile of this generation.

According to Skynova four of five Gen Z lean towards working from home.

And don’t think they want to stick to strict work schedules. What they aim to do is deliver and provide results. If the job opening does not have flexibility marked on it, 77% will probably not even open it.

Have Time (And Money) To Live Comfortably

Here is the dealbreaker. Members of Gen Z express a distinct need for a higher income compared to other generations in order to attain a sense of financial security.

According to data from GOBankingRates, the median annual salary for individuals in Gen Z is $33,800.

Despite this, a significant 65% of Gen Zers admit to living on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis, highlighting financial challenges and concerns within this demographic.

Moreover, a substantial 58% of Generation Z individuals report facing two or more unmet social needs. These needs encompass various critical aspects such as income, employment, education, food, housing, transportation, social support and safety, as outlined by McKinsey.

This data paints a comprehensive picture of the financial and social landscape that Generation Z is navigating, underscoring the complexity of their current circumstances.

But they don’t only think about money. They also don’t want to work all day. They want to have time to live and enjoy their money.

Be sure your company’s leaders get that right work-life balance is essential.

Inclusion And Diversity Are Appreciated

This is a non-negotiable value of this generation – and should be praised for this evolution. They appreciate working in truly inclusive companies.

A Monster survey shows that 83% of Gen Z candidates see the company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as important when choosing an employer.

Deep Down All Workers Want The Same Thing

Finally, you must apply all of these to all your workers – independent of generation. All of your employees will relate to what motivates Gen Z in the workplace. Your business will be more productive and your employees will be happier.

Internal Communications motivates Gen Z workplace


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