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What do you with each of the 24 hours in your day? If you own a business, there’s a good chance many of these hours are already spent working. Why not work smarter to maximize your earning potential? Alex Jeffreys does, and he helps many entrepreneurs reach $100,000 in monthly income. Discover his tips and tricks to unlock your own earning potential through internet marketing.

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Simplify To Multiply

Internet marketing guru Alex Jeffreys states that “To multiply, you need to simplify.” You’re likely already feeling stressed, trying to pack as much work as you can into those 24 hours you have per day, and often not seeing the success you expect. The idea of simplifying may seem counterintuitive, but it will make you more efficient in the end.

For this advice, Jeffreys taps into his own personal experience. He found himself afraid to take time off, much like many new entrepreneurs he thought he needed to work as much as possible to grow his coaching business. He would suffer from guilt for taking a day off, in a process that continued for years. Constantly thinking about strategic growth for his business, he was scared of relaxation to the point he feared to even meditate.

I was always scared that if I just relaxed, I’d lose my edge,Alex Jeffreys said. “But what I realize now is that if I relax, I’m at my best. And it’s the same with the business.

Fortunately, a mentor gave him the advice that he needed, to simplify his life.

Simple Steps To Success

Alex Jeffreys’ offers some insider tips to get your simple start. Create one irresistible offer and set up one TeleFunnel. Tested through many wins, and also a few failures, this final strategy has been proven to make many of Jeffrey’s coaching program clients upwards of $100,000 per month.

[pullquote]Starting with that single offer, make sure you promote it to get in front of as many eyes as you can.[/pullquote] Facebook ads will give you fantastic visibility. From there you’ll scale up to reach your six-figure goal. The idea is to let an automated system such as paid Facebook ads do the heavy lifting in your marketing strategy, freeing you up to provide excellent service.

Spend time crafting the content of your irresistible offer, automate the Internet marketing process using Jeffrey’s super funnel strategy, and focus on providing stellar services. With your time scaled down to create manageable tasks, you’ll waste less time on sales. In addition, your sales efforts will be more fruitful, generated by the leads from your offer. These inquiries are more likely to close the deal and obtain that sale than cold leads from other methods.

It may sound totally out-there to a lot of people, but it’s numbers,” Jeffreys said. “Here’s the thing: Numbers do not lie. Business has no emotion. Business runs. Business is simple, it’s people that make it difficult. … Once you streamline it like this, this is how you scale.

Changing Your Mindset

The mechanics seem simple, so why do people fail? Alex Jeffreys often finds that people simply can’t comprehend the idea of making $100,000 in a single month. For these clients, he hires a coach to help them change their mindset.

The problem that I’m seeing with a lot of people is that they believe they have to trade time for money,” Jeffreys said.

A form of self-sabotage, these clients often believe they are not worthy or capable of this kind of success. A mindset coach helps these clients believe in their success. They are taught that they can raise their price, they can make smart decisions, and they can achieve success based on smarter choices instead of longer hours.

Alex Jeffreys believes that you too can reach your $100,000 potential, so what are you waiting for?

Alex Jeffreys is the owner and founder of Marketing With You. He’s the creator of common digital marketing programs such as the Affiliate Sniper program and the Super Funnel. You can find him both on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Internet Marketing – Simplify Your Business For Record Income

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