Investment In A Government Fund Of Vanuatu – Opportunities For Business

Vanuatu is a Pacific country which occupies 80 islands. The state capital, Port Vila, is located on Efate Island. The country is known for its warm climate, the greatest part of the economy is dedicated to agriculture and tourism. Vanuatu is a tax haven country with a loyal tax system. Moreover, the government does its best to invite foreign investments: there exists the program which allows receiving Vanuatu citizenship by investment.

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About The Program

Citizenship by investment program has started its work in Vanuatu in 2015: a single-time donation gave an opportunity to benefit from all advantages of Vanuatu citizenship. However, in 2018 amendments in investment sum were adopted. The government of the state has decided to decrease contribution value in order to make the program more attractive.

Today, the estimated cost of receiving Vanuatu passport is as follows:

  • 178 thousand dollars — for a single applicant;
  • 218 thousand dollars — for a family of four persons: the main applicant, his/her wife/husband, and two underage children.

The investment sum includes government fees and duties, as well as security screening. Also, the value includes:

  • future passport exchange;
  • expenditures on documents legalization and translation;
  • expenditures on documents shipping.

Except for the number of applicants, the final price depends on the package of service. Thanks to the lowered cost Vanuatu government has received greater income of foreign finance which had a positive impact on the country’s economy.

The investors, on their hand, received relevant privileges:

  • According to, Vanuatu citizens can use visa-free regime or obtain visa on arrival in at least 129 countries all over the world.
  • Applicants stand the opportunity to obtain long-term visas to Canada and the USA.
  • Accounts opening in international banks is available for the citizens.
  • Immigration to Vanuatu is not demanded. The government gives an opportunity to use Vanuatu passport as the secondary one.
  • Citizenship receiving process is confidential.
  • No taxes on income, inheritance, capital growth and export, income from exchange activities and corporations as well.
  • Low VAT for company registration: 15%, according to the information on the page.

Taking into account all benefits, you can see that Vanuatu citizenship by investment program (CIP) is one of the greatest opportunities to obtain a passport of another country. Any respectable businessman should look into it.

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