Is DealDash Really Legit?

You may be tempted to check out the realm of penny auction websites when looking for a good deal online. As the name suggests, penny auction sites are popular platforms where users can pay a small fee to bid on various items. These items can be small, such as phone cases and wallets, or big-ticket items like furniture and even cars.

DealDash is one of the largest platforms for bidding-fee auctions on the internet. If you review the DealDash bidding page, they offer a variety of different products like cosmetics, coffee machines, designer shoes, jewelry, gift cards, and more. However, there’s a lot of speculation around these websites and whether or not you can really secure meaningful deals. So, the question begs: Is DealDash legit?

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How The Operation Works

With DealDash, each auction starts at a cost of zero, and every time you place a bid, the amount is raised by $0.01 and the timer resets back to ten seconds. This keeps the length of the bid going until the timer reaches zero. Whoever places the last bid wins the auction.

In order to place your bids, you have to buy bid packages by signing up. Bids cost between about $0.20 to $0.60 each, but they regularly go on sale for prices between $0.12-$0.15 and can also be earned through free promotions. You can also bet on bid packs to try to get a great deal.

Realistically, this makes it possible for users to receive items at significantly lower prices in comparison to retail prices. However, if you really want a particular item, DealDash offers you the ability to purchase the item directly from the website.

Is DealDash Legit? So far, things are looking pretty legitimate.

Reviewing The Reviews

Everything sounds almost too good to be true, but DealDash offers a lot of transparency by sharing an entire page on its website dedicated to the winners who receive the same great savings. Further, they feature reviews on some of the sister websites, such as

You can also find their reviews on third-party review websites, such as Better Business Bureau, Apple App Store, and Here are a few reviews:

I have enjoyed participating in all Auctions and to be very honest all of their transactions are honestly performed, the Customer Service team is extremely helpful and it’s been a true pleasure communicating with them. The above is my positive experience and wish to share it in high esteem!!” – Rushdi.

A place to shop for great deals all while getting the thrill and excitement of winning the auction! It’s fast-paced nonstop fun spending Pennies to win products worth thousands. So many auctions so little time,Joseph.

Is DealDash Legit?

Let’s look back on our initial question: Is DealDash legit? According to DealDash, all of their items are sourced from overstocked warehouses or come directly from partnerships with various companies in order to offer items at discounted prices. By establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with their partner companies, you can win even some of the biggest-ticket items for savings of over 90%.

Of course, you do have to pay for every bid, which means if you don’t win the auction, you do stand to lose some money. However, as mentioned before, you have the option to buy the item outright and have all the bids you used in that auction returned to your account.

Realistically, DealDash does require an investment of time and money and you will have to monitor your bids. However, you can utilize the site’s automated bidding option, known as “BidBuddy.

BidBuddy allows you to streamline and set parameters by choosing how many bids you want to place, and crossing your fingers that your bid will be the final one.

What We Think

If you’re looking for a more exciting way to earn prizes at great prices, DealDash is legit and worth giving a try. If you’re nervous that you won’t like it, DealDash has a money-back guarantee on the purchase of your first bid pack.

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