Items To Consider When Looking For A New Freight Shipping Company

If you’re an owner or a manager of a company that moves a lot of products from different stores to various consumers across the country, then you will need to work with a freight shipping company that truly understands your needs.

Follow a couple of the tips below to find the ideal shipping company for you.

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Gather Quotes From Numerous Freight Shipping Companies

When looking at freight shipping companies, you should check to see what each of the companies in your area will charge you. The price point between the companies could vary widely based on a large number of factors.

One point of price difference could be the size of the truck that you’ll need to move your products to different areas. Another one will be how many trucks you’ll require at that size on a regular basis. Many freight shipping companies will offer you a “bulk discount” if you require a large number of trucks on a regular basis. Additionally, the distance that the trucks need to travel will play a large role in the cost.

The further that the trucks need to travel, the higher the cost will be for your freight shipping. Even though you’ll still qualify for bulk shipping with a large number of trucks, the wear and tear on the trucks from the further distances that they have to travel will also cost you.

You should ask the multiple freight companies that you talk to about the various prices they offer to ensure that you’re receiving the best deal possible based upon what your exact needs are.

Check A Company’s Reviews

As you check out new freight shipping companies, you’ll also want to see what their reviews have to say about them. Other companies will have worked with them in the past and tell you if the freight shipping company is reliable with delivering their products on time or if they have drivers that are known for being safe. Many high-quality freight shipping companies, like GLS, will only employ workers who don’t have a history of accidents.

Working with a freight shipping company that has safe drivers will save you money from losing part of your product in an accident and from the driver not arriving at the destination on time.

Do You Need A Temperature Controlled Unit?

Depending on the products that you’re transferring, you might have a requirement for your products to make the freight shipping journey in a temperature-controlled unit. This will be an essential requirement if you’re employing the freight shipping company to move food from one location to another.

You’ll want to do your research to see if the freight company you decide to work with will charge you more for this special kind of unit. However, you’ll also want to check and see if the freight company you decide to work with will even offer this kind of unit because not all of them specialize in temperature controlled units. Looking at this requirement will cut down on the number of freight shipping companies that you can work with.

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