Job Agencies Give Priority To Job Fairs

Employers always search for new employees to meet their production targets. They either need a temporary workforce for seasonal work or fill full-time positions with better talent. They usually approach different job boards, social media platforms, and the likes to announce the openings. But, ever thought about how to avoid spending hours to screen candidates and focus on other important assignments?

Is there any way to get rid of the hassle to read each resume and shortlist candidates after hours of hard work? If the idea makes sense, then try out any of the job agencies in Toronto and see how they make a difference. One of the best things about job agencies is that they specialize in searching and screening candidates based on employers’ requirements.

They just need a guideline from companies about what skills and expertise they need. They are aware of different useful places or sources to approach the best candidates. Normally, job agencies visit different job fairs and try to list down potential employees. They usually prefer job fairs over other methods for the following important reasons.

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1. Reach To Motivated Candidates

The primary reason why staffing agencies use job fairs to find candidates is the surety of reaching motivated and dedicated individuals. It’s a place where they can have a chat with every individual coming to them. Since the job seeker wants to connect with the employer on his/her own, it’s quite easy as part of the agencies to collect resumes and make a list of people they would be calling anytime soon in the future.

2. Face To Face Meetings

As mentioned above, job fairs allow both, staffing agencies and job seekers, to meet face to face. Sometimes, the agencies also conduct impromptu interviews in order to get an idea of who would go to the next round. Some candidates may not deliver well as they have written on their resumes or vice versa. With a face to face meeting, these agencies are in a better position to call prospective candidates to the next level.

3. Talent In A Specific Field

Not every job fair works for all. Sometimes, they are limited to geographic locations while others search for workers in certain industries. Both situations are good for job agencies as they also have to work on these bases.

So, if an agency is working with different local employers, they can easily utilize these geographic job fairs to get their jobs done. They can have the best workforce in terms of professionalism and relevancy to the fields.

4. Passive Candidates For Upcoming Roles

While job seekers at job fairs are ready to join immediately, some job agencies also create a database to fill-in future positions. The job agency representatives visit different university and college job fairs to create a network of fresh graduates or those who are graduating soon. This way, some candidates may get jobs right after they complete studies while some may have to wait for the right one.

5. Connection With Other Professionals

Contrary to the common belief that job fairs are a place of competition, candidates can connect with each other or various employers in order to remain updated with upcoming positions. Also, recruiters can learn hiring tactics and changing industry trends to keep themselves at the top among other job agencies.

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