Are Keywords Important For Etsy Sellers?

Most business owners in the digital world are familiar with the concept of keywords. These specially chosen terms are placed on your website pages and within your content to help attract the attention of customers. However, some people assume that keywords are only important when you’re building and hosting your own website from scratch.

The reality is that keywords have a massive impact on your business, no matter where you’re looking for growth. Even on existing marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, you need to know how to use the right terms correctly to connect with your target audience.

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Using Keywords On Etsy – The Basics

Like Google and Amazon, Etsy has a search function built-in to help customers find what they’re looking for within the marketplace. The keywords you use in your titles, categories, attributes, and page titles all work together to determine whether you show up when your customers are looking for you.

The Etsy search algorithm gathers all the listings connected to a customer’s search, and ranks them based on which product pages appear to be the most relevant to customer queries. You can find a guide here for comprehensive Etsy SEO tips for 2021, but in the meantime, you should know that you’ll need to think about keywords in the following parts of your Etsy page:

  • Categories: Categories act a lot like tags, determining which section of the website your listing should belong to you. For instance, if you have a listing for nail stickers, you can add it to the “nail stickers” categories, as well as “craft supplies” and “makeup and cosmetics”.
  • Attributes: These are the extra details you can add to your listings after you choose a category. Some attributes are general, like material and color, while others are specific to the category you choose, like pattern for clothing, or a specific room for a home item. Each attribute helps your customers to find you a little easier, so make sure you add the right attributes based on what you know your customers will be looking for.
  • Titles: The keywords in your titles are very helpful at matching your listing to a shopper’s query. Short, descriptive titles with long-tail keywords often have the best impact. For instance, rather than just describing your item as a “red bag”, describe it as a “bright red custom monogrammed backpack”.
  • Tags: You can add up to 13 tags to a listing on Etsy, and they give you an opportunity to better match your listing to a shopper’s search. Tags can be up to 20 characters long, and Etsy recommends adding multiple phrases, rather than just basic words, such as “custom bracelet” rather than just “bracelet”.

Using Keywords On Etsy

Remember, the more research you do into your customers, the better your keyword strategy is likely to be on Etsy. Take the time to design a user persona based on the information you have about your intended audience and use that to determine what kind of phrases and words your customers are most likely to use when searching for you.

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