Things You Need To Know Before Starting An eCommerce Business

E-commerce businesses are types of companies where the transactions of selling and buying of goods and services are done online. Other business transactions such as payment and data transfers are also completed through electronic means. These types of trade can be performed between businesses and consumers (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) and consumer to consumer.

Through eCommerce, consumers have access to a wider variety of products. They can search for products in different online shops in a matter of minutes. When compared to traditional shops, especially in small cities, consumers usually visit an average of 5 shops just to find the right size and variety of the product they want.

This is only one of the reasons that global eCommerce sales have been projected to increase to 19% in 2020. With this data, it is definitely suited to start an eCommerce business. But before getting excited, here are details to know before starting one.

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Business Setup

Make sure to have an impact on your audience through the name and the logo of your eCommerce business. Your brand name is significant to make it stand out from your competition and avoid losing profit, while your logo is a visual cue of your brand. You then have to select a domain name that is appropriate for your eCommerce business. At present, various sites enable you to buy and register the domain name of your choice.

In setting up your eCommerce business, you may also want to establish how you will deliver your products and how to handle product returns. You must also set KPIs to identify if your business is on track and to measure your success. Marketing strategies are another thing that you must prepare for.

Choosing A Product

You may already have an idea of the product or the service you intend to sell online. However, it is better to verify your plan. You may look at trending products you can sell or find what products are lacking in the market. After deciding on a product, evaluate the product or service you plan to sell and review if it will be profitable. Moreover, determine where you would source your product. You can either find a manufacturer or a supplier for your goods.


You may be excited to start your online business, but it is imperative to know about search engine optimization or SEO. Your ultimate aim is to attract traffic or to have users visiting your page. Through sites like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you can have free traffic directed to your sites. And to do that, SEO tools are available to help by boosting your search engine page rank. Google PageSpeed Insights, Keyword Tool, XML Sitemaps Generator, Moz Link Explorer, to name a few are just some of these SEO tools.

If you intend to be a seller at Amazon, you may choose Helium 10 as your FBA. Experts at believe that it is important to keep up with technological advances such as the new algorithms and techniques implemented in Amazon. Thus, having a powerful SEO is advantageous.


The next crucial action is to perform research for monitoring the competition and the state of the market. In this step, you will uncover data about your business game, market reach, and target users. The output of the research will be able to identify if the business you want to engage will have the opportunity to succeed and what steps to perform to ensure it. From the data gathered, you can now create a business plan.

The elements mentioned above are just some of the factors you need to consider before starting your e-commerce business. Deciding on your product and the market research will enable you to build a sound business plan. Remember that your brand name and logo is vital in marketing your business and is a factor that will either increase or expand your earnings.

And to help in attracting visitors to your sites, you need SEO tools to enhance your page rankings in search engines. It is also imperative to know that various tools and techniques are available to let you start your e-commerce business and boost it as well. So fret not and get started with your online business.

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