All You Need To Know To Start A Mobile Application Company

Mobile applications have grown extremely popular. Today you can hardly find a self-respecting company without a mobile app. Books, studios, and the courses where you can learn how to make an app continue appearing. Statistics say that this growth is not going to stop. That is why starting your own development company is not a disastrous idea. With a bit of luck, persistence, and professionalism, you can quickly get huge incomes. Continue reading to learn the essential things about this business sphere before you start.

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Conduct Deep Marketing Research

It is the heart of every startup, no matter if it is a simple application or a significant corporation. Application development sphere has its requirements for the market research. The specialists point out three main ratios you need to consider:

  • Time of usage. In 2016 this ratio reached 900 billion hours per year. It means that an average Android user spends two hours a day within applications. In the majority of the countries, the growth of this ratio is about 20% per year. The leading categories are “Communication”, “Social Applications”, and “Video Players and Editors”.
  • The growth of world downloads demonstrates stable dynamics. It is interesting to note that Chinese users ensure 80% of iOS download growth. Games remain the most popular applications. Many other categories (“Photos and videos”, “Social Applications”, “Instruments”) gain new users rapidly. The diversity of categories is evidence of a wide range of target audiences.
  • Incomes are essential for this business. Consider getting them not only from direct sales. In-built ads and independent markets must be taken into account. Target your customer precisely.

You should get into the psychology of your future customer. An average customer can get used to and forget about a game in a couple of days. From this point of view, informative applications are a better alternative for a beginner developer.

Create A Business Plan For App Development

The business plan for an app development company has some peculiarities. It has to consider the differences between Android and iOS application development. The reasons to make a business plan for a mobile app company are numerous. We will mention that this sphere is not new, and finding your niche is not that simple. Let us discuss some general expenses:

  • Registration of a company or private enterprise can vary in costs and bureaucracy efforts depending on your country and region.
  • Renting and equipping an office can be the most expensive part. Mind getting everything needed for graphic design. There is no special requirement for the office. Just keep in mind that you will have much costly equipment there. Mind your security.
  • Purchase software you need for development. The prices may vary, but there are a lot of offers for corporate customers. The specifics of current business make you pay enough attention to this requirement.
  • Hiring a good team is very important. Consider that a good iOS developer is rare. Thus their rates are more than impressive. The working schedule has a feature. On the beginning, it can be a usual Mon-Fri 8 hour schedule. As a rule, the last stages of a mobile app development are conducted in a rush, without days-off and breaks. Get ready to pay for extra hours. The minimal tram will include a marketer, a developer, and a graphics designer.
  • Through advertising company is a cornerstone of your success. A lot of startups fail because they don’t pay enough attention to marketing and advertising. Do not try to save on it especially if you are launching an iOS app. On this market, your advertising company has to be more aggressive, as there are a lot of high-quality applications.

Finally, it is a hazardous business. Getting into it without playing an all-or-nothing game is impossible. However, if developers about the quality, they will never go broke, as world trends show.

Focus On UI/UX Design

UI/UX designer (user interface/user experience) is one of the most wanted professions in the digital industry. It seems the trend is just starting its rise. UI and UX are not trends. Technologies develop. And the instruments of application development go so simple that even a regular person can create a simple app in minutes. However, this app should look attractive. You can quickly learn all the modern trends of this sphere. There are two main keywords you should keep in mind. Context – everything is happening within it, and everything is bonded. The second word – technologies. Consider the possibilities of modern gadgets, screens, and software.

Select Technology Stack

It is a combination of programming languages and software products. Mobile applications, like any others, have two sides: server and client. They are also known as backend and frontend. Mobile app industry has got its stable favorites. Everything depends on the platform:

  • iOS – Objective-C and Swift programming languages; Apple Xcode goes as a toolkit; iOS SDK stay for the software development kit.
  • Android – the programming languages are Java or Kotlin; Android Studio and Android Developer Tools are used as toolkits, and Android SDK as a kit.
  • Cross-Platform – TypeScript or React Native or Xamarin and C# go for the programming languages in this case.

The proper choice of a technology stack depends on the purposes of your application. Kotlin or Swift will do good for the rich and complex applications. If you need to create an app to validate your product idea as a startup, choose something for cross-platform purposes.  

There are two possible approaches to a target base in the case of mobile applications. You can choose from the mobile first (you develop a full web application, but try to make it compatible with mobile devices first) and mobile only (you concentrate only on mobile apps).

Start Developing An App

The final paragraph is related more to a famous motto “Just Do It!”. The main peculiarity of this sphere is the fact that you will never know everything just reading articles or books. You have to ‘work in the field’. It is quite easy to step on the customer side. Research all favorite things and decide how you can make an application that fulfills all needs. Get your own experience and do not count on the instant result. Getting everything right from the first attempt is difficult. Do not fall into despair, as you always have a chance to make improvements and updates.

If you are interested in even more business-related articles and information from us here at Bit Rebels, then we have a lot to choose from.

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