Launching A Career After Graduation – Toronto’s John Fielding, Other Execs Shares Advice

Leaders of major companies and entrepreneurs who’ve launched successful businesses have years of experience and business knowledge.  They’ve had both ups and downs, but despite the obstacles, they’ve all learned something along the way.

Here’s the advice they have to offer new graduates who are looking to break into the business world.

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Follow Your Passions

Curt Richardson, founder of Otterbox, urges new graduates to find something that really matters to them.  He says, Understand who you are and what you want. That’s not about money or things, it’s about what’s in your heart. I always knew I’d be an entrepreneur, but I didn’t find success until I got to the core of what I really wanted to build, which was a company that does well so it can do good.

Take Chances

When Toronto executive John Fielding began his career, he gave up his dream of playing hockey to start his own business.  Today, John Fielding is an accomplished business leader and the founder of Array Marketing, a global retail merchandising service with clients such as Estee Lauder, Chanel, Sephora, MAC and more.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve learned to overcome the fear of uncertainty. If you never take a risk or follow your instincts, you will never reach your goals.  No matter the outcome, you grow and become more resilient through the process,explainsFielding.

Go At Your Own Pace

CEO of home furnishings company Saatva, Ron Rudzin says don’t let outside influences push you to prioritize speed.

“When you’re young, you’re moving fast and get so excited about growth that it can throw you off course,” explains Rudzin. “Don’t do it for ego. You’ve got to be smart and not worry about being the biggest on the block right away. Have patience, get your ducks in a row.”

Listen To Feedback

Clara Shih is the CEO and founder of Hearsay Systems Inc.  Her advice to young 20-somethings who are just entering the workforce is to pay attention to constructive criticism.

“I’ve had some millennial workers who, the first time you give them constructive feedback, they freak out. But good managers give you constructive feedback,” says Shih.

Develop Leadership Skills

As graduates work their way up the ranks in business they must learn how to become an effective leader who can encourage contributions from the entire organization and inspire their co-workers or employees.

CEO of Brooks Running Company, Jim Weber says,To avoid being a one-hit-wonder, you’ve got to develop a great radar as a leader and then be willing to recalibrate because nothing ever stays the same very long.

Whether you’re holding a new diploma or reevaluating your career options, this advice can apply to anyone who is looking to improve their professional skills and become successful in their chosen field.

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