Aim To Be A Leader, Not A Manager

If you are interested in becoming a great leader then you should invest in your education. You might already have a lot of the traits that make you a natural leader, but completing management courses and working on improving certain qualities, which are essential for leadership, will help you reach your full potential.

As a manager, you draw your influence from the authority that you were invested with. As a leader, on the other hand, you inspire the persons you work with to give their best and to become stronger individuals and better team members. Part of what makes a leader stand out is the fact that a leader often embraces his or her humanity.

A leader understands that it is possible to make mistakes and owns up to those mistakes when they occur, realizing the learning potential they hold. As a leader, you are appreciated for your authenticity and warmth, because you work with people, instead of having people work for you. A manager tends to favor rigid working patterns, while a leader is creative and flexible. A leader celebrates diversity and appreciates each team member for his or her unique potential.

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Soft Skills Are Of Crucial Importance

If you aim at being a person that others want to follow, then it is important to note that working on developing your soft skills can have a great contribution to achieving this goal.

Soft skills constitute an essential part of the leadership set of attributes, and you should try and analyze yourself to see how well you master them and how you could work on improving them.You should lead by example so working on perfecting yourself is essential.


Having a natural talent for oral and written communication will help you in sharing your ideas in a manner that will make them more easily embraced by those that will be on the receiving end. An even more important aspect that fosters great communication is that of being able to actively listen to your dialogue partner.

So, make sure you have an empathetic and non-judgemental attitude, don’t interrupt, maintain eye-contact, encourage your conversation partner to continue sharing his or her thoughts by occasionally nodding or by paraphrasing, and make sure you use the moments when the other person pauses to address clarifying questions.

Building A Strong Team And A Having A Positive Attitude

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a leader will be to build a strong team. You will, of course, make it your priority to bring out the best in each team member, valuing individuality and encouraging cooperation. People will depend on you for support, but it is important to create an environment where people rely on each other for help and direction.

This could actually help you motivate more experienced team members by involving them in mentoring those who could benefit from their knowledge. Having the right kind of attitude is one of the first examples you will want to set, so make sure you contribute to each situation with a fresh and positive outlook.

Leader Or Manager – Conclusion

No matter where your career will take you, if you work on your soft skills, you will greatly improve the way you interact with others and this will contribute to healthier relationships and to achieving better results.

In order to succeed, try to make a conscious effort to communicate more efficiently, encourage and accept advice on how to become a better person and a better professional, keep an open mind and try to see every challenge as a learning opportunity.  Constantly working on improving yourself will set a great example, and it will make you the kind of person that people want to follow.

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