Why Leaflets Are Not To Be Underestimated for Small Businesses

The humble leaflet. You might think its relevance to the world of marketing has been diminished now that there is so much importance on digital methods. Well, you’d be wrong. Leaflets still have a place in our world, and they can be a hugely beneficial promotional tool for small businesses. Below, we’ll outline a few key reasons as to why you should consider either using leaflets for the first time or bringing them back for another try.

They Can Be Very Attention-Grabbing

If done right, leaflets are a great way to pass on a message within mere seconds. Clear and coherent pictures, simple font, and concise information are generally considered to be the hallmarks of a good leaflet. Someone reading a leaflet needs to process the information quickly, particularly if they are in public. Main streets and train stations are always a great place to hand out leaflets, as there are always masses of people going in and out.


The great thing with leaflets is that you can literally order thousands at a time. Suppliers of course prefer when order numbers are higher, and will generally give a fair price when this is the case. It’s best to see what type of leaflet you’d like first (single fold, Z-fold, cross fold, letterfold, etc.) and then work from there. Take a look at typical options and then you’ll have a better idea of price once you’ve decided on the leaflet type. These kinds of sites also allow you to design online if you don’t have your own artwork.

Right Place, Right Time

[pullquote]Leaflets, like any type of marketing, can no doubt be easily ignored or even thrown away once read.[/pullquote] But the main thing to consider is “Are your leaflets in the right place?” Leaflets don’t always have to be handed out by someone, as they have the useful advantage of being able to stay in a place until someone wants one. Coffee shops, bars, clubs, hostels, hotels, venues, and clothing stores are just some of the places where you can leave your leaflets (with the owner’s permission). It really comes down to leaving the leaflets in places for the right type of audience. For example, leaflets for a comic book store at a comic convention, leaflets for a music shop at a gig, or leaflets for a new bar at a popular hostel.

A Physical Reminder

The great thing about leaflets is the fact that you’re literally holding an advertisement. Other types of marketing might be seen, but perhaps forgotten about or missed. A leaflet might be read and then stored in a bag or jacket for reading at a later point, but it’s still there and can remind the person. The leaflet can also be passed on to someone else once the information has been read.


Lastly, leaflets have a good advantage in that they can promote not only a small business, but can provide a coupon code to use online, or even a discounted price when you present the leaflet to the store. With this, you’ve got tangible proof that leaflets are working and can be something to keep using for your marketing techniques.

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Why Leaflets Are Not To Be Underestimated for Small Businesses

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