Looking To Gamble Online In The USA? – Get Accustomed To Crypto

Online gambling has been rapidly growing over the years, together with various digital technologies. As more and more industries and companies accept cryptocurrencies, they are making a significant impact on the present and the future of internet gaming. Despite its flaws, crypto is rapidly changing online gambling, becoming a vital part of the country’s market.

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Changing Online Gambling In The US

Online casinos accepting crypto are taking gambling to a whole new level. Not only does it provide numerous benefits, which we’ll discuss later, but it allows anyone to gamble online. However, changes take time. And after getting used to gambling online using credit cards and later on, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies are still uncharted waters for many.

However, that doesn’t mean online gamblers in the States are not embracing crypto. The numbers tell the entire story. The available information reveals that the percentage of crypto deposits in the US online casinos has been rapidly growing over the last couple of years.

Five years ago, deposits using crypto accounted for 1-3% of all deposits, while today, more than half of them are done through digital money. Why has crypto become so popular among players across the States? The reasons are pretty simple and lie in the complexity of the US market.

Since online gambling is not regulated on a federal level, regulations differ from one jurisdiction to another. That reflects on processing credit cards, making it more complicated. To avoid these difficulties, more and more players turn to cryptocurrencies as the means of payment when gambling online.

Benefits Of Cryptocurrency Gambling

That brings us to the advantages of cryptocurrency gambling, which has been the main driving factor behind the rapid and stunning growth we’ve witnessed in recent years. One of the benefits is the fact there are no restrictions. Crypto platforms accept all players, no matter the jurisdiction they come from.

Second, when gambling using cryptocurrencies, players are able to deposit instantly. We agree that this factor may tip the scale when choosing your online casino. Most importantly, cryptocurrency gambling allows faster withdrawals. As we previously pointed out, slower credit card processing is painstaking and can spoil your gambling experience.

We need to mention cryptocurrencies are the only method available to US gamblers which allows same day withdrawals. Other options such as bank wire and checks take between 3 days to two weeks, which is an eternity compared to crypto withdrawals which can be done in a matter of minutes. Like regular online casinos, crypto gambling sites also offer a wide variety of bonuses and promotions.

And the reason for it is simple. Online casinos accepting credit cards have extremely high processing fees (some would call them “insane”). These fees typically range from 8% to 10% or above. That’s why online casinos go over and beyond to attract customers to switch to crypto, and fantastic bonuses are a great way to do so.

The Future Is Already Here

Crypto casinos in the US have already proven they’re capable of attracting new customers and keeping them to play regularly. With the numerous perks they offer, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. One thing is clear: they are here to stay, and everyone should get accustomed to that.

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