A Case For Hiring Luxury Toilets For Your Next Outdoor Event

Whatever the scale of your outdoor event, there are many things which need to be organized, including the toilet facilities. It is important that your guests find your event memorable for the right reasons and uncomfortable portable loos could leave a negative impact. Investing in luxury toilets will give you peace of mind that facilities are taken care of to a high standard. A company which specializes in the hiring of luxury toilets will ensure that the event runs smoothly. A professional company will know exactly how many loos you need for the number of guests and will also ensure they are kept clean and hygienic.

Why You Need Luxury Toilets At Your Event

A luxury toilet is not your average portable loo. They are fitted with a range of accessories to make the facilities as comfortable as high-end permanent toilets. Many luxury loos, like the best-rated RV toilets, will feature large basins, mirrors, and full-size cubicles to make your guests’ trip to the loo as comfortable as possible.

If you are spending both time and money planning a great event such as a luxurious marquee at a wedding, you need the facilities to match. The last thing you want is your guests discussing why there are only uncomfortable portable toilets. If you are putting effort into the rest of the event, it doesn’t take much to extend this to ensure the facilities are perfect.

Have you ever been to an event with portable loos, where there is rubbish everywhere and the facilities look a state after a short period of time? This is because some people using them do not respect them, as they are seen as cheap. If you want your guests to care for the facilities and keep them looking fantastic throughout the event, you need a luxury environment. A high specification toilet will encourage users to respect them and keep them comfortable for the duration of the event.

The modern trailers which house luxury toilets will blend into the style of any event. A portable loo is often brightly colored and can look an eyesore next to the rest of the event’s carefully picked color scheme and style. The last thing you want to stand out in the photographs of the event are the toilets. A plain trailer will blend into the background and let the main event become the focus of attention.

If your event is during the winter months, including temporary toilets within the marquee is a great idea. A portable toilet would look unsightly at the edge of your stylish marquee but a luxury option can blend in easily. Often a luxury unit can be positioned outside the marquee but with the entrance positioned inside for a great appearance. Or, for a quick set up, the actual unit can be located inside the marquee. Whatever you are looking for, a professional hire company will be able to work alongside the marquee company to give you the perfect finish.

One of the key things which stands out in portable toilets are the chemicals used for flushing. These Aldehyde chemicals are not only unattractive and foul-smelling – they have a very negative effect on the environment. To break down the waste from these toilets, it takes wastewater treatment plants a long time with very energy intensive aerobic treatments. A luxury toilet facility will be free from these familiar blue chemicals, so your guests will have a more pleasant experience and you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you have done your bit for the environment.

Whether you’re looking for luxury toilets for a garden party, wedding, anniversary, christening or birthday party, there are facilities available to suit both small and large-scale events.

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