Make Money From Ads On Your Blog Without Irritating Your Readers

Some 15-20 years ago, when the blogosphere first became popular, no one thought about making money from their content publishing. People shared their opinion and expertise for free, and all blogs were ads-free.

If we could only know how blogging will grow and how much we can earn from sharing our opinion. More than 90% of these blogs are probably entirely vanished from the face of the internet today. Those who managed to keep their pages now have the opportunity to make serious bucks out of them.

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How Do Blogs Make Earnings?

There are several ways to do this, but the most common one is placing ads. There’s almost no blog today without them. Some pages are filled with ad boxes that make readers irritated. The visitors on these blogs need to scroll through them to find the content they wanted to read in the first place.

This makes the bounce rate extremely high, and most of these visitors never come back. It is also why blog owners tend to place their ads as naturally as possible. Most smart blog owners use a native advertising platform, which helps them to offer borh easily readable content and still have naturally placed ads.

How To Get Ads On Your Blog?

Most blog owners use Google ads. However, this is not the only solution. Today, tons of CPM networks are doing this job much better and much more straightforward than Google. What you need to do is search for these networks and make the best of them.

For example, if you take a look at Voluum DSP, a CPM native ads platform providing excellent results for their clients, you’ll find out that you get access to thousands of users inside this network. You’ll always get AI-driven ads on your page that are relevant to your readers.

Google will often place an ad on your page that has zero relevancy to your niche. This isn’t happening when using CPM networks. Their artificial intelligence is state of the art, which means that your readers will only get relevant ads.

Let’s say you’re running a parenting blog. Your visitors will be horrified if they see adult content while reading. You can’t afford this to happen, and that’s why you need to be sure what’s going live on your blog.

CPM networks work based on bidding and accepting. It means that you don’t have to allow anything on your page. You can choose what’s going to be published.

What CPM Networks Are?

CPM means cost per thousand or cost per mille since mille is thousand in Latin. Unlike PPC or pay-per-click, the CPM networks provide ads where impressions are counted. That means having such an ad on your blog will get you paid by simply showing it to visitors.

They don’t have to click on it for you to get paid. That’s why blog owners love the CPM system. The more traffic your blog has, the more people will see the ad. The network takes only a tiny part of the entire transaction, making everyone happy – the advertisers, the publishers, and the network owners acting as managers.

Can I Earn Without Ads?

Hardly, but not impossible. Some blogs make money by helping visitors and providing valuable content. They rely on people’s donations. You can add a donate button somewhere on the page and hope that people will transfer money as gratitude for helping them.

Most blog owners who make serious bucks add advertising as part of their blog. Some decide to run affiliate marketing pages to promote particular products, but this is still considered advertising. You place a link to stores where your visitors can buy some of the items or services you promote. This is advertising.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are ways to place ads on your blog and still make people happy rather than irritated. You don’t have to bombard them with flashing gifs or videos playing sounds out of nowhere.

There are elegant solutions, and we talked about them above. Use a CPM network and see how you make everyone happy. You earn from having relevant ads on your blog, and your visitors appreciate your expertise and valuable content.

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