Marketing To Gen Z: How To Address The Next Generation’s Values

Gen Z – i.e., the generation born in or after 1997 – is a tough demographic to market to. The first digital native generation, Gen Zers grew up with technology in their hands.

So, they seem immune to traditional marketing techniques, like event sponsorship or celebrity endorsement. They easily sense when they’re being advertised or sold to. And they don’t accept brands’ neutrality on issues that matter to them.

That’s why, Gen Z marketing is all about building trust toward your brand – and showing you share their values. This goes for any brand, from a professional essay writing service to an online makeup store.

Here’s your playbook for successfully marketing to Gen Z.

Marketing Gen Z Address Next Generation’s Values


Reach Gen Z Where They Are

This might be an obvious piece of advice, but it’s surprising how many brands don’t go beyond the most popular social media platforms. Yes, Gen Zers hang out on Instagram. But there, you have to compete for their attention with hundreds of other brands.

Instead, why not create a presence on more niche platforms, like strava that brings together runners? or, consider other channels like.

  • Bereal.
  • Discord.
  • Twitch.
  • Snapchat.
  • Fortnite.

Make Your Content Authentic

Another common mistake is selling your product too hard in your content. Gen Z doesn’t like brands that are pushy like that. Instead, they want to get value out of your content – and, probably, get entertained by it.

But how do you make your content authentic? Here’s a shortcut: start thinking about your content as a creator. This will help you pinpoint why your target audience would engage with it. It may be because you entertain them or share your expertise on a subject they care about.

Pro tip: lo-fi your content to make it feel more authentic.

Show Your Expertise (while Entertaining)

Gen Z likes influencers that are knowledgeable, intelligent, and thoughtful. Extrapolate that to brands – and here’s what you can build your content strategy around. (Keep in mind that your content can’t be boring if you want it to succeed.)

For example, an essay writing service should be, by definition, an expert in essay writing. So, its brand should be akin to a seasoned essay writer who shares tips and tricks on TikTok or another platform.

Act On Your Values

Gen Z is great at sensing when your activism and allyship are performative. This means that just switching your profile picture to one with a Pride flag in June isn’t enough. And if you claim your business is sustainable when it’s not, it’ll only alienate your audience.

So, don’t just pretend that you care – do care. Take meaningful action to make a real-world impact on issues that you and your audience care about. That can include:

  • Making your business and workplace truly sustainable.
  • Treating your employees fairly.
  • Doing some pro bono work.
  • Donating to charities.
  • Establishing and following data privacy policies.

Be Transparent

Transparency is one of the key values that Gen Z’s preferred brands have to share. This includes transparency about the supply chain, organization, and product features.

Keep in mind: Gen Zers are well-versed in online research and verifying claims. So, even if you try to hide something, they’ll dig up the information from other sources.

For example, the best paper writing services are straightforward as to where their writers are from and what their process is.

This transparency – on their websites and in their content – is a key decision-making factor for a Gen Zer looking to pay for essay.

Partner Up With Influencers And Creators

Forget about celebrity endorsements – influencers have more impact on Gen Z’s decision-making than Beyoncé or Tom Brady. That’s because Gen Z trusts them to guide them to products and services they may find interesting.

So, seek out the influencers in your niche and create meaningful partnerships with them to create awareness among your target audience. Keep in mind: the influencers you choose have to speak the language of Gen Z, not just imitate it.

Deliver Excellent Customer Care

Gen Z values customer support that’s convenient, prompt, and thoughtful. So, make sure yours is, no matter the medium. Gen Zers are more likely to reach out to you via social media, for example – and expect it to be as personalized and prompt as via any other means.

Remember that if you don’t meet Gen Zers’ customer care expectations, they will call you out on social media for ignoring negative feedback or taking too long to respond.

However, there are two sides to this coin: if you do a superb job, they’ll make sure to tell others about it.

Interact With Your Audience

Gen Zers don’t just seek valuable content from their brands – they want you to be approachable. So, don’t overlook your comment section. React to mentions, answer questions, and leave no DMs without a response.

While you’re at it, remember that interacting isn’t about selling. It’s about helping out your commenters. With that in mind, don’t ignore negative comments; otherwise, you’ll come across as indifferent and detached.

In Conclusion

Gen Zers aren’t your typical target audience. They easily sense shallow brands, and they don’t hesitate to block them. Yet, they are looking to build trust with authentic brands.

That’s why your marketing approach can’t rely on traditional marketing techniques if you target Gen Z. Instead, you need to follow the eight tips above – and remember to experiment with different mediums, content types, and campaigns.

Marketing Gen Z Address Next Generation’s Values


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