Sponsorship Guide: How To Procure Sponsorships [Infographic]

If you have a magazine, online news outlet or even a blog, you want more people to visit it every day, right? There are plenty of ways you could make that happen, and one of the most powerful ways is through giveaways. Giveaways can help more people discover your site and become daily visitors of your online home. But in order to be able to organize giveaways, you need sponsors. That’s why I thought I’d share an infographic that could serve as a sponsorship guide.

A lot of people don’t know what sponsors want to gain from their sponsorship, which makes it difficult to present ideas and options that are appealing. By understanding this, you can make sure that not only the sponsors are happy, but also that your visitors get really good giveaways which will appeal to more people and thus increase your traffic. That in turn will make sponsors even more happy since their gain increases through that also. That is exactly what you will find if you are reading between the lines in this sponsorship guide.

By having a look at this infographic called Sponsors Wanted: Looking For An Event Sponsor?, presented by Weemss, we get a clear view about where to position ourselves when trying to find sponsors for our events. Even though this sponsorship guide heavily focuses on events, it’s pretty much the same for online giveaways and events that might create increased awareness for both you and your sponsors online. There is a difference between sponsors and donors though. Sometimes you will have companies that want to give your visitors stuff and in return get publicity through your online outlet. This is of course a form of sponsorship, although it is more of a donor endeavor.

When you are dealing with sponsors, you have a mutual interest in spawning a positive (usually financial) result from the event you’re organizing. Without that, the sponsor will most likely not come back to sponsor your next event. In order to put together appealing sponsorship packages, as explained in this sponsorship guide, you have to know your resources and what you will be able to give in return. As this also mentions, having more than one option will not only enable you to present a solid and professional representation of your brand, but also help you target large, medium and small sponsors. Have a look at this sponsorship guide and learn how true deals are made and what the sponsors you talk to are expecting to gain from sponsoring your event, whether it is online or not.

Weemss’ Sponsorship Guide & Tutorial

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Via: [visual.ly]