Marketing Ideas In 2020 For Real Estate Brokers

With the economy reopening, real estate brokers across the country are finally finding themselves able to get back to business as usual. For those looking to attract new clients, though, the world had already begun to change pre-pandemic. Read on to find out about effective marketing ideas for real estate brokers in 2020 that will help brokers stuck in 2019 into the new decade.

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1. Ensure Brand Consistency

Branding is about more than just logos, fonts, and color schemes. It’s also about how target markets perceive the broker and his or her services. The first step Chicago real estate brokers should take in 2020 is to get a good grip on their brands and what they promise.

Once real estate brokers have a solid idea of how their brands are defining themselves in the local markets, they can make changes that will draw more attention from clients. Make sure the branding feels authentic because today’s home buyers and sellers are much more technologically savvy than their predecessors, which means they’re perfectly capable of going online and researching brokers’ histories and claims. Make sure the brand is consistent when it comes to not just visuals, but also mission statements, values, target markets, and tone of voice.

2. Personalize Marketing

Marketing personalization is designed to make every lead or client feel like he or she is the only one. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to add a personal touch to emails and other marketing materials. Make sure to use the lead or client’s name and respond quickly to messages. It’s fine to use email templates, but make sure each of them gets the personal attention required to make them feel hand-written, even I that just means using the client’s name and adding an extra line of text to draw attention to a property he or she might like.

3. Pay Attention To The Data

Organizations like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) provide plenty of information about current market statistics. Real estate brokers can use that information to figure out what areas to focus on when it comes to marketing. For example, one recent NAR report indicates that MLS websites and apps are the most highly valued technological tools or marketing. Savvy brokers will take this information as a sign that it may be time to start using MLS databases, even if it wasn’t always part of their marketing strategies.

4. Learn How To Market To Millennials

Millennials are finally starting to accumulate enough wealth to buy and sell real estate, and this new trend shows no signs of changing. Real estate brokers need to come up with strategies for making their listings appear more appealing to this relatively new market. Here’s how to do it:

  • Add virtual tours
  • Make sure listings can be viewed on mobile devices
  • Set up and use social media profiles
  • Highlight property perks
  • Appeal to Millenials’ values by using branding to show support for their causes
  • Focus on digital marketing and social proof

The Bottom Line

Much of the real estate market moved online in 2020, so focus on digital marketing solutions, social media presence, better websites, and targeting Internet-savvy sellers and buyers. It’s the best way to attract positive attention, build brand recognition, and start finding new clients in a world that was already becoming more physically distant even before the COVID crisis.

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