INTIS Marketing Optimization Software Will Increase Your Leads [Review]

Have you ever thought of optimizing your business model? And have you ever asked yourself what is optimization? It is so an evident question each business person has to answer. For some people, optimization is reflected in the reduced costs involved to produce a product or provide a service. But for the more experienced it is also perceived as getting real quality for considerable cost! We all know that marketing ‘eats’ considerable part of company’s budget! Very often the return on it is too low: the needed messages do not reach the clients, the distribution of information to customers is not efficient and so on.

Today the most prestigious companies work on the development of highly professional software for marketing aims. The brilliant solutions in marketing were developed by INTIS telecom. The company offers efficient solutions ( for marketing departments of big companies.

SMS Mobile Marketing: Beyond The Regular Business Solutions

The need to make the business easily manageable and for the aim of economization of time and human resources INTIS telecom adapted regular marketing ideas and computerized them in the new software for marketers. It is a gift to marketing departments! It does much of routine work by itself leaving space for talented people to create more innovative solutions and ideas. What is new software for marketers about?

[pullquote]The new product from INTIS Telecom was developed to add comfort to your marketing efforts.[/pullquote] It has more than evident advantages for small, medium and big businesses! If to keep it simple this software offers automatization of major marketing tasks. You should agree it is vitally important for the marketing department. The software is developed the way it manages clients contacts, their financial records, notifying them on payment dates.

INTIS Telecom marketing software secures an inevitable obligation of any company to remember their clients birthdays and to send them discounts for such specific occasion. This creates loyalty! Of course, the last but not the least the very essential function of this software is to notify the potential and regular customers on services and products suitable for them. Enjoy the great benefits of such a reliable marketing tool! Moreover, to buy such a service is so simple!  You can do it by Visa, PayPal or Skrill!

Though INTIS Telecom does not provide a clients’ database. The marketer should download it by himself. It is though an excellent service to outsource. The system works quickly and smoothly.

The world of today is one of fast growing technologies and new, efficient solutions. Businesses should benefit from it and multiple profits! The costs that are put in SMS mobile marketing are relatively low but the return on such an investment if high. To be competitive, use the effective solutions! INTIS telecom is a good option to consider.

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INTIS Marketing Optimization Software Will Increase Your Leads

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