Matt Redhawk Details Ways To Run A Business Without Reliance On Technology

In today’s rapidly changing world, entrepreneurs may be concerned about becoming too dependent on technology. Technology can be subject to cyber attacks, scams, disruption, regulation and government interference. Starting a business which is not overly dependent on the use of technology is a smart move which can help entrepreneurs stay successful in a variety of conditions, both political and economic. Matt Redhawk, the CEO of My Patriot Supply, explains how entrepreneurs can set up business plans that are less dependent on technology to succeed.

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1. Service Businesses

Service businesses are a great choice for entrepreneurs who do not want their business to be technology-based. House cleaning, dog sitting, and hair salons are all examples of businesses that could work well without dependence on technology.

Any business that relies on skilled workers and customer service for its daily revenue can be successful. It may be inconvenient to schedule appointments and handle customer records without the use of technology, but simple systems that worked in the decades before computers were in wide use are still effective today.

2. Engage In Your Community

If you do not want your business to be dependent on online listings for name recognition, it is a great idea to sponsor local events. Getting involved in your community will build goodwill and attract more customers to your business. Through volunteer work and charitable contributions, your company will enhance its reputation and show that you are a serious business owner who is interested in the common good.

3. Network With Other Businesses

Another tried and true business technique which can be used today is networking. Get involved in your local chamber of commerce and any community groups that apply to your field of business. Make sure that you build good relationships with other companies in your area, even with competitors. Knowing all you can about the business landscape in your area will help your company compete.

4. Hire Wisely

When making hiring decisions, you will need to screen out people who are overly dependent on technology for their personal use. When you hire these people, they will try to pressure you into adding more technology to your business. Explaining the reasons why you have chosen to keep your business analog rather than digital might confuse them. Be sure that your new employees respect your approach in running your business.

5. Advertise Thoughtfully

When you are trying to avoid excessive use of technology, consider using older methods of advertising like television and radio or even print. Many older people and those who are not online use these resources frequently. Talk radio stations may be an excellent place to advertise for your business. You may be able to find like-minded customers who will respect your business model and support you because they share an ideology.

Chart Your Own Path

Matt Redhawk recommends that all business owners who are concerned about technology’s creep into our daily lives consider opening a business where it is not such a presence.

Starting a business without technological dependence can feel like going out on your own. With careful attention to detail and planning, you can succeed in a competitive environment. Take extra care with your money and hiring decisions. If your company does need to maintain an online presence, keep it as simple as possible and keep the distractions from overtaking your workday.

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