Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales 2023: The Most Important Updates

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is the most popular customer relation management (CRM) solution you will find on the market today. This great venture from Microsoft is designed to help salespeople build solid and loyal relations with their customers and close deals faster.

Microsoft has recently announced new updates for their Dynamics 365 Sales. The software’s unique features will help keep track of your account and contacts, create sales collateral, take actions based on data-driven insights, and nurture your sales from lead to order.

Suppose your company is looking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 services.

In that case, you will be amazed to know that the newly added features of this CRM, such as Lead Scoring and Relationship Intelligence, are sure to bring your company to the next level.

With these new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, you will be able to expand your company’s plans to some existing platforms and provide salespeople with AI-powered tools to help them work more efficiently and optimize process flow.

As every business has different demands, you might ask, do the new features of Dynamics 365 Sales benefit your unique business activities? Please read on to explore the latest updates of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and their benefits for your business.

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Benefits Of Dynamics 365 Sales For Your Business

Dynamics 365 sales offers the following exclusive benefits to your company.

Optimize Your Sales Process

D365 Sales optimize all your sales processes and help sales reps build strong relationships with buyers. It increases the salespersons’ productivity by automating the sales process, helping you limit routine admin tasks. It also provides uniform platforms to help sales teams collaborate effectively and control workflows.

Efficient Lead Management

The sales funnels and set-up rules of the gated stages of the Microsoft D365 Sales ensure efficient lead management. It ensures that your leads cannot progress to the next step until they meet your specific requirements.

Lead Generation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales makes lead generation and management more effortless and efficient. It optimizes your marketing efforts and sends prompts to help your sales teams ask the right questions to generate qualified leads.

Better Customer Insights

Providing customers with a personalized experience is vital to building a robust and long-term relationship. Microsoft D365 Sales makes it possible by helping sales reps access customer information. You can also link Dynamics 365 with your LinkedIn Sales Navigator to get better customer insights.

New Updates And Features Of The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

1. Using AI And Data To Help Sellers Personalize Sales Interactions

The latest data and AI function of Dynamics 365 Sales is mainly focused on helping salespeople prioritize engagement and personalize sales interaction. Customers who buy products or services from your company need a personalized experience when interacting with your sales staff.

The new AI functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales allows your sellers to stay focused on selling and become trusted advisors for buyers.

2. Revenue Intelligence-Manage Revenue Through Selling Process

Revenue intelligence is another newly added feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales that lets your sales staff manage revenue more efficiently by simplifying the selling process. It involves different techniques, from establishing pricing and discounts and finalizing a sales order.

For This New Release, Microsoft Has Planned The Following Capabilities

  • Configure Forecasts For Each Business Unit
  • Adjust Forecast Values At The Drill-down Level
  • Design Forecasts With Weekly And Yearly Recurrence (this Update Will Be Available From September 2023)
  • An enhanced opportunity management experience that allows you to visualize your sales funnel and track deals.

Along with revenue intelligence, forecasting and pipeline intelligence features of the Dynamics 365 Sales help businesses use data-driven insights to make informed decisions. This new update is hugely beneficial if you want to optimize your sales strategies.

The Opportunity Pipeline View of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales will be introduced in April 2023. This view quickly shows sellers which sales opportunities need their more attention.

3. Sales Force Automation And Sales Execution

The new functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales aim to keep your sales reps on point by limiting distractions. The capabilities planned by Microsoft for sales and process automation include:

  • Design A Customer Org Chart To Help Sales Reps View The Relationship Map And Know The Roles Of Contacts In The Organization
  • Optimize Your Sales Process Through A/b Testing (available From March 2023)
  • Get Account-based Suggestions For Targeted Selling Via Ai-powered Solutions
  • Use New Versions Of Input Forms To Create Opportunities With Ease
  • Enhance Efficiency With Sellers’ Kpis (available Since Late 2022)
  • Get automatically created follow-up tasks based on information from different office applications, such as Teams messages, emails, and call transcripts.
  • Get Validated Emails For Better Lead Interaction Rates (available Since The End Of 2022)
  • Get Friendly Reminders For Completing Essential Tasks
  • Increase Allocation Accuracy Via The “segment Priority” Feature (available From March 2023)
  • Avoid Duplicate Leads Entering The System Either Through Bulk Import Or Manual Creation

4. Empower Customer Service Workers

The upgrades to the agent experience in Microsoft dynamics 365 sales focus on the following features.

  • Forecast Case Volumes Regularly At 15-minute Intervals
  • Mark Your Knowledge Articles As Favorite
  • Forecast Agent’s Demand To Handle Customer Conversation
  • Use Ai-suggested Replies To Accelerate The Time To Resolution
  • Improve Customer Service Workspace Layout
  • Improvements To The Email Template Selection Experience
  • Case Management Enhancements
  • Use Enhanced Case Form To Enhance And Manage Cases Efficiently

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales aim to offer a series of new features to help companies manage their sales process and strengthen customer relationships. Most of the updates and improvements of the D365 Sales mentioned above have already been launched as a part of the 1st wave 2023.

Some advanced features, like sales force automation, sales engagement, and validated emails, have been launched since late 2022. Some features, like weekly and yearly recurrence forecasts, will be available from September 2023.

Overall, the new features and improvements of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales are aimed at helping businesses improve their sales activities and achieve revenue goals. Want to learn more about the features and improvements of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

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