The Most Important IT Jobs For The Next Decade

People are becoming increasingly dependent on technology for everything from communicating with one another to ordering food straight to their doorstep. In a world where IT is enmeshed with governance, business, and day-to-day life, some of the most influential figures are those behind the monitors.


IT is famous for obsolescence – whether it’s hardware or software, if you become an expert in something, there’s no guarantee that it’ll provide for your future. However, there are some major exceptions – the following jobs will drive change and progress throughout the next decade and beyond.

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IT Manager


An IT Managerwill oversee a team of people who are all working on a project. This is a job that requires excellent soft skills as well as very strong technical foundation knowledge. IT managers don’t need to be hardware experts. They need to understand the tech and know how to drive results (like Steve Jobs). IT managers can progress to IT directors. The director IT will have a large team of programmers beneath them that they have to manage. Some of the most common tasks for a director of IT include managing staff, creating long-term plans for a company’s technological future, responding to issues as they occur, and assessing a company’s cybersecurity strengths. 


IT managers or directors need experience within the field and also need to be able to demonstrate an advanced understanding of IT resources, including hardware, software, storage, and networks. Track record is king – if you’ve managed some small projects that can go on your CV, many employers won’t require academic credentials. It will also work to your advantage if you have some experience managing people.


Data Scientist 


Data sciencewas called the ‘sexiest’career path by international newspapers not too long ago, and studies have found that the demand for data scientistshas grown at an average of 29% each year since 2013. The role of data science is to understand and analyse complex data with the aim of helping an organization with decision-making. Some of the daily tasks of a data scientist include creating data models, coding, identifying concerns, and updating algorithms.


The reason data scientists are so vital for the future is that they are crucial for artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, which are quickly becoming an unavoidable part of working across many industries. Data science will power web3.0 and be one of the most important jobs in tech for at least a decade.


In order to work as a data scientist, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as experience with and knowledge of data models, machine learning, and analytic programming languages.


Internet Of Things Solutions Architect 


Internet of things solutions architect (aka IoT solutions architect) is an increasingly vital position. The internet of things has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, but humans have barely scratched the surface.


Smart cities are being planned with complete IoT integration, meaning they’ll be the efficient centres of production in the future. Some of the responsibilities of an internet of things solutions architect are to lead the architects and desiring teams and help with the development of an internet of things ecosystem.


In order to work as an internet of things solutions architect, you will likely need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field as well as knowledge of programming languages, managerial skills, and an advanced understanding of IoT.

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