Is Negative SEO Affecting Your Law Firm’s Website?

If you’ve spent lots of time and energy building up your law firm, the last thing you want to discover is that nobody has heard of your business. While most people now use the internet instead of a phone book in order to find lawyers when they need one, just because someone punches your location and specialization into a search engine doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll appear on the first or even the second page of search results.

Only the law firms with the best SEO, or search engine optimization, get top ranks from search engines like Google and Bing. That being said, there are several factors that could be hurting your SEO, and thus making it more difficult to get found online. Here are a few ways that negative SEO could be affecting your law firm’s website.

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Bad Redirects

Bad redirects are very common, especially if your website has been around for a while. This is because as you update your website and add new content to it, it’s possible for the redirect links to point to links that no longer exist. For example, you might have a page that was performing really well in search engines with one web address, only to have that address change during an update, breaking all links to it. This can really hurt your SEO if you don’t catch it quickly, so it’s crucial to flag any bad redirects and fix them as soon as possible

Duplicative Footer Content

If you have duplicative content, Google’s search engine algorithm will flag your website and could downgrade your search engine ranking. This is one reason why it’s important to make sure that slogans and other content that should be on an about page stay out of your website’s footer, as it may inadvertently end up hurting your search position.

Copyright Violation

While ironic for a law firm, it’s not unheard of to inadvertently violate copyright law. This is why it’s crucial that you double-check that any photos you receive are truly royalty free or public domain. There have been instances of professional photographers’ photos being uploaded erroneously to free photo websites, only to have website owners have charges pressed against them for making a mistake when they thought they were in the right.

It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices or voice search, you’ll likely get dinged by Google’s search algorithm. This is because Google wants to ensure that users are able to take advantage of the latest technology, and so websites that don’t address these options aren’t prioritized as highly in search results.

If you’re not quite sure where to begin fixing these issues, don’t worry. After all, as someone who went to law school and now heps people negotiate the legal system, it’s understandable that you’re not quite up to date on how web traffic and local SEO works. That being said, just because you don’t have a frame of reference doesn’t mean that you can’t get the help you need in order to get back on Google’s front page. By working with an organic SEO company, you can take advantage of a team of experts and start improving your search engine ranking in no time at all.

A group like BestLawFirmSEO is a great choice for law firms trying to grow their web presence. From handling on-page content like blogs to performing an audit of your existing website and helping you correct any issues, hiring an organic SEO company is worth its weight in gold. Especially when you consider the fact that the money you spend boosting your website’s organic SEO ultimately ends up perpetuating itself for years to come, working with a firm like BestLawFirmSEO can be incredibly beneficial in your quest to grow your business.

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