How To: Never Give Up On Being An Entrepreneur [Chart]

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that everyday is a new adventure that brings unexpected highs and lows. You’ve probably become a master at rolling with the punches. You are focused on your goal, and you feel like you were born to do what you’re doing. Being an entrepreneur is no joke, and it requires a certain posture and outlook on the world. It requires a level of dedication and commitment that you may not have experienced with anything before.

However, no matter how positive and hard working you remain, over time, you will experience a few doubts and have some days when you weren’t your best. Being an entrepreneur is definitely a roller coaster ride, and you have to learn when to zig instead of zag so to speak. It requires being flexible and open to change when the time is right. It requires a thick skin, and an ability to ignore other people when they tell you you’re crazy for working so hard.

At the end of the day though, you know that even though being an entrepreneur is not the easiest path, it’s definitely the most rewarding. Once you have that fire inside, it’s there forever. If you have considered giving up, don’t do it. Sure, you may need to refine your approach, or change your idea altogether. I’m not saying that you should stay on a sinking ship if that’s your situation; however, never give up on your dreams and most importantly, never give up on yourself.

I thought this little chart by Anna Vital called How To Never Give Up On Becoming An Entrepreneur was worth reading. The last 2 things on here are my favorites, and so true. You can read the corresponding post for this chart by clicking over here to Funders and Founders. This is a great reminder about what the entrepreneurial journey is all about. You wanted an adventure when you got into it, right? Well, it’s the ultimate adventure for sure!

Never Give Up On Being An Entrepreneur (Or On Your Dreams)

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Via: [Funders and Founders] Header Image Credit: [Gardena Valley Baptist Church]