New College Perspective That Makes It Worth The Cost [Infographic]

Here in the States, the cost of higher education is increasing faster than inflation. With so many people graduating from college with no job prospects and a bucket load of student loan debt, it might make you wonder if college is worth the cost. After all, many people are successful without ever stepping foot in a college. I wrote about this topic in Is The Cost Of College Worth It In 2013?. I’m a fan of all forms of education. What we need is a new college perspective.

When I was at University getting my bachelor’s degree, I lived on campus. I remember how expensive it was, but back then, nobody questioned the cost. These days colleges market themselves like any other product, and you can’t assume that the college you choose will fit your needs and goals.

This brings me to a new college perspective for you to consider. Most people I know don’t declare a college major until they’ve been attending University for a year or two. In order to make sure the cost of college is going to be worth it to you, try figuring out your goals and plans before applying for University.

First figure out what you are good at, what you are interested in, and what you enjoy doing. Then after that, you can determine which college and if college is going to be beneficial to you, or if it will just be a way to postpone your life and accumulate debt. It’s a whole different way to look at it, and a whole different college perspective. This infographic called Your Future Is Calling (by and Zaiss & Co) explains this shift in perspective. Before you start college and then possibly never finish, or graduate without a job and a bunch of bills, change your thinking.

Also keep in mind that once you obtain your Bachelor’s Degree, you’re open to apply to graduate school. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of a Master’s degree. You can easily obtain a high-level certification, like a Masters in Public Health Degree, via the Internet once you have your Bachelor’s. Look here to learn more about the Masters in Health degree and to learn more about other online degrees as well.

A New College Perspective That Makes It More Worthwhile…

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