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These days, you can do your job from almost anywhere. The age of work tied to office spaces is an almost bygone era. Because of the internet and the hi-tech devices at our disposal, tasks that used to be exclusively done within towering structures can just as well be done at home over a secure web connection.

While there are still some who observe the Monday to Friday work schedule, a lot of people nowadays have more control over their own time, working whenever and wherever they choose. As we live through the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more convenient to have this option so that we can stay in the safety of our homes. Instead of being constrained by cubicles, we now have more leeway in designing our work habitats to our taste.

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Decades ago, when our grandparents went about their work lives, typewriters and old-fashioned telephone handsets were the norm. Our parents’ generation was the first to really benefit from the advent of the computer, near to the way we know it today. They were also fortunate to experience the entry of cellular phones towards the end of the 20th century.

Young professionals today have found that offices no longer need to be located inside buildings. Freelance work has been made possible with the convenience of an internet connection. For a lot of workers now, the decision for choosing office supplies can simply be determined by knowing if you want to work on the go or in the confines of your own bedroom.

Different types of work have their own requirements but there are specific materials that have proven to be staples over the years. People can choose to express their individuality in their choice of office supplies as well as benefit from the ergonomic designs that we are now able to appreciate.

In the UK, researchers found out that the presence of nature in our workspaces can also give us a 15% boost to our productivity. While across the Atlantic, a US study found that at least 10% of employees got sick each year due to some experienced lack of natural light in their work areas. It goes to show that work habitats can affect our comfort and proficiency at doing our jobs. Productivity can also be hampered when we do not take the time to plan our spaces accordingly.

Truly, technology has determined the way we do our work over many generations. It has redefined the meaning of office space and the standard 9 to 5 work schedule in the 21st century. Nowadays, we can talk to our employers and clients using our emails accessed through laptops in cafes or even on the beach!

Office supplies can now be ordered with just a few clicks or taps on our mobile devices. One thing more that our grandparents and parents didn’t have is the ability to enjoy earning cashback from our purchases. So don’t forget to go grab that Staples cashback as you set about planning your work life more efficiently, wherever you have chosen to do your work today.

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