Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start A Business [Infographic]

We write a lot on Bit Rebels about entrepreneurship and how to start a business, and if it’s something you’ve been thinking about doing, now may be the perfect time! This is definitely true if you live in America. There is something to be said for being at the right place at the right time, and many things just happen to be in an entrepreneur’s favor right now. According to this infographic called It’s Start Up Time In America by ProfitBricks, there may be more things on your side now than ever before.

The price of office space, technology and wages are low, there is less competition, and these things combined with several others make right now the perfect time to start a business. As this infographic points out, hard times create opportunity. Our priorities shift and that means new needs need to be filled. We’ve all heard the stories of the very successful businesses that were started during a recession. Although we may not technically be in a recession at the moment, we are definitely still in a state of economic uncertainty.

It’s times like these when everyone else is looking in one direction (at how bad things are) when you have the opportunity to look in the opposite direction (and take advantage of the situation) to get ahead. Lower ticket items that make people feel better about themselves often do well in times like these. For example, a woman might not go out and buy a new car right now, but she will buy a new gadget that makes her life easier or pair of shoes that makes her feel better. So, we know it’s the perfect time to start a business, but is it the right time in YOUR life to do it? To get that answer, check out Best Times In Life To Start A Small Business.

It’s The Perfect Time To Start A Business!

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Header Image Credit: [Workers Compensation Watch]