Poor Mentality vs. Rich Mentality Of Startup Entrepreneurs [Chart]

Money can be an uncomfortable topic to talk about and write about, but I’m going to go there today. I’ve been an entrepreneur for most of my life. I can tell you, if you have started a business for the sole purpose of making money, it’s hard to sustain the dedication and commitment required to keep it going when the newness wears off. At the same time, money is important. It’s a balancing act that many startup entrepreneurs struggle with, and much of it is in our minds.

I know some people who call themselves wealthy, and sure, they have a lot of money, but they’re stressed and sick all the time. To me, that’s not wealthy. I know other people who call themselves wealthy, and sure, they are very happy, but they’re broke all the time. To me, that’s not wealthy either. That is what I mean when I say there is a balance. It’s something I’m learning more about each day. Startup entrepreneurs usually have tons of energy and excitement about their creation, but they are often short on money.

If you are in that place, I want to humbly suggest that you change the way you think, which will start to change the financial results you see. It’s important to appreciate the present, but to see yourself in the future. It’s important to embrace every dollar that comes your way, and to expect more.

Successful startup entrepreneurs have tons of confidence in their abilities and their passions. Think what you could add to your entrepreneurial experience if you applied that same level of confidence and passion to making some money along the way.

Every single time I talk to a potential client here at Bit Rebels, I think about how special our blog is, how smart and geeky our readers are, and how we are offering a real value to anyone who decides to work with us. It’s a posture and attitude of confidence, combined with a big dose of gratitude and humility. I’m sure some startup entrepreneurs know the feeling I’m trying to describe.

Money is not bad. It’s the greed of money that is bad. This chart simply called Poor Mentality vs. Rich Mentality by Funders and Founders lays it out in a very straightforward way. If you catch yourself having a poor mentality, try shifting your thoughts to a rich mentality. I’d love to know your opinion on this topic.

The Rich Mentality Of Successful Startup Entrepreneurs

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