POS Software For Multi-Channel Retail Store And The Impact Of Covid-19

The world has been hit hard by the global coronavirus pandemic. So much so that the year 2020 has been reshaped as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak. Since shoppers have stopped going out for malls and retail stores to maintain social distancing norms, these places have become ghost towns.

POS software system is a great alternative for retailers to help them adjust their 2020 plans in order to account for all the disruptions that have happened in their businesses during the period of a few months.

Here is what all you need to know about the POS software and how you can incorporate it into your business to make it stable amidst the rapidly changing circumstances.

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What Is POS?

POS or the point of sale is the time and place in a retail store where the transaction is completed. During the POS, the retailer calculates the amount that the customer is supposed to pay to him and prepares an invoice for the purchase.

So, it is that point at which the customer makes a payment to the retailer in exchange of some goods and services.

What Is POS Software?

As a consequence of the advent of cloud computing, the POS system has been deployed as software that can be operated from the internet. Point of sale software is a computer, iPad, or mobile phone that the cashier uses to input the customer’s products or services, tally the costs, and make the final transaction.

The cloud-based POS software is the newest trend. Generally, this system is compatible with most POS hardware like printers and cash drawers, making it even more convenient and user-friendly to install.

What Are The Benefits Of A POS System For Retail Stores?

Today, POS systems are the choice of not just retail stores, but also of the ecommerce store owners selling at craft fairs, trade fairs, and farmers markets are also switching to modern methods of POS.

During these hard times, some smart tools can help retailers to encourage their customers to purchase and visit more frequently while reducing their operational costs. Here are some noticeable benefits of installing a cloud-based POS system in your retail stores:

Cashless Transaction

During the times of this pandemic, cashless money has become a necessity more than a luxury. When people want to follow social distancing norms to avoid the spread of the deadly virus, the cashless transaction is a great way to take the precautions.

Speedy Service

Using a POS program as the checkout system is an efficient method for getting rid of long lines. Advanced POS system has also helped to speed up product return processes. Whenever a customer cancels a product, you can quickly process the transaction on your computer with just a few clicks.

Customer Satisfaction

A POS system can be set-up for a better customer experience. The retailers can instantly find the products that their customers ask for. These systems can also be helpful in setting up self-service kiosks for their customers so that they can quickly look for the products that they want by themselves.

Mobile Business

Today, business owners can take their business with them to any places that they go to. The Cloud-based POS system allows them to assess their transactions and data from anywhere around the world through their mobile devices. So, now the retailer doesn’t need to be physically present at his store to monitor the ongoing transactions.

Customer Data Security

While making online transactions, the credit card details of your customer must be kept safe and private. Since the information on a cloud-based POS is stored on the cloud and not on the computer, the customer’s data remains more safe and secure. A cloud-based POS system eliminates the chances of loss of data to any virus or other discrepancies.

Accurate Transactions

By installing a POS system in the retail store, the merchant is able to generate complete and precise sales reports. The records include all the transactions made to date, the number of products sold, the best selling products, and other information like that. Implementation of a POS system minimizes the chance of human errors.

Convenient Reporting

POS is efficient in making your business’s recording hassle-free. It can also be easily connected with other parts of the business like sales, marketing, and finance that results in increased efficiency.

Employee Management

The POS software that you install at your store helps to minimize the time that you spend on scheduling and enforcing the schedule. Advanced POS programs include time clock functionality, so it makes it easier for the retailer to maintain a record of the clock-in and clock-out time of the employees.

How To Install A POS System?

Advanced POS systems are quite complex to be installed and require professional expertise to do the job. Some companies may charge set-up and installation charges. However, basic POS systems are super easy to install and integrate with other hardware devices at your store. To install a cloud-based POS software in your device, get your device connected with a good internet connection, and follow these simple steps:

  • Download the application from Google Play or App Store.
  • Open the app and register on it with your business email.
  • Connect the app with other hardware devices like your printer through a data cable or bluetooth.

The Best Pos Software For Your Retail Store

Finding a reliable POS software, like POS Australia, is essential for the growth of your business. The first thing to do is to understand your needs and set a budget for yourself. Next, you must begin your hunt for the most suitable POS software for your business. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family and search online. Make a list of your preferred applications and shortlist them on the basis of their ratings.

Things To Consider

Some of the things to consider before you go ahead with incorporating POS software in your business are the speed, user-friendliness, interface, functionality, and integrations of the POS application.

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