How To Repurpose Content For Ultimate Impact [Infographic]

When people create content, their minds are set on a one-time purpose ideology. It’s created to serve as “pull” to get people interested in what they have to say at that particular moment. This is a fundamental mistake if you want the longevity of your website or blog to be anything other than a portal to greater things. If you want people to stay or even come back to your website over and over again, it’s important to understand that content is not just a way to pull them in. It’s a way to give them a reason to stay and come back for more. That is why it is so important to repurpose content and increase the impact of your site’s footprint on the internet. This is how your website becomes popular.

Your site is not just a highway filled with exits and all you want is people to drive on it. No, think of it as an amusement park, a place to reflect or even educate themselves just like they do in a library (you know, those places you can go to that have rows and rows of bookshelves stacked along the walls). When you repurpose content you do just that. You give people a reason to come back for more. To further develop their skills and knowledge.

There are a number of ways that you can repurpose content and make it ever more relevant to what your visitors are looking for. We are going to take a look at the most rewarding way you should repurpose content and thus increase the popularity of your place on the Internet.

An infographic created by SlideGenius called “The Secret Ingredient To Repurposing Content: Knowing Audience Learning Styles” is a perfect illustrated guide (or even a light flowchart) on various ways you can take your existing content and repurpose it for even greater impact.

To view your existing content from a different angle, quote it or even oppose it are great ways to allow your audience to see the full picture of what your content is all about. Not only will you create another piece of content to serve you eagerly awaiting audience, you will actually revive old content that you expected to be “expired” after it had its run on social media. Also, when you repurpose content you will give your site a slight SEO boost as the content you once created will now be linked to from more sources. It’s a simple yet genius way to make sure old content get revitalized.

A quick look at our own statistics here at Bit Rebels and it shows that we have gained up to 63% increase in returning visitors since the blog was founded back in 2009, just by repurposing content. Never underestimate the power of your “old” topics’ strength. Have a gander at the infographic presented below and let your creativity roam free. Start putting it on your daily agenda to repurpose content and watch the magic unfold.

How To Repurpose Content For Ultimate Impact

How To Repurpose Content Infographic

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