Review Of Wall Of Traders – A Crypto Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency trading is a science and a technique to generate money that is accessible to everyone with an Internet-connected smartphone or computer. It can be defined as evaluating a financial market in order to purchase low and sell high while minimizing the risk of losing money.

Cryptocurrencies are a method for him to fund his ideas without having to rely on banks or traditional financing. This is how the future will seem. This platform helps you get the most out of your cryptocurrency investments, and it’s a Free Crypto trading platform & Copy Trading platform.

Copy the most successful cryptocurrency traders and bots. Thanks to the Binance Broker Program, everything is completely free. Build your own Copy Trading Group and utilize their powerful Smart Trading Interface if you’re a trader.

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What Are Crypto Trading Bots?

Crypto trading bots enable users to automatically purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies by utilizing a bot that performs trades autonomously based on a specified trading strategy. Using the table below, compare the best Crypto Trading Bots currently available.

Feature Of The Wall Of Traders

Copy Trading

Copy trading is a cutting-edge tool that allows you to follow and copy the trades of top traders who have access to a wide range of tools. Profit from the knowledge, skill, and winning tactics of the top traders in the world.

Only the most successful traders are made public. You may start your own Copy Trading Group if you are a Trader for your neighborhood, family, or friends. Earn the same profits as expert traders while achieving the most remarkable outcomes. Even if you’re sleeping, you can copy their trades with the touch of a button.

Completely Safe And Secure

Your money does not belong to them, and it’s available on your cryptocurrency exchanges. To trade on them, they use API keys, and they will be unable to withdraw your funds.

100% Free

Copy for free for a lifetime. Thanks for their entrance into the Binance Broker Program. Same fees as Binance, and no spread, and no commission on profits.

Wall Of Traders is entirely free because of its inclusion in the Binance Broker Program. As a result, Binance reimburses them for a percentage of the Trading expenses for all Trades executed on the Wall Of Traders. Whether you trade on Binance or Wall Of Traders, these costs remain the same. Binance rewards them with this program since they contribute a trading volume to it.

Smart Trading Terminal

Use advanced trading tools on main Exchanges. Multi Exchanges: Binance Spot / Futures / Margin / US, Huobi, Kraken, and OCO orders. Multi Take Profit. Stop Loss. Short / Long. Leverage. Trailing. Trigger. Modification. Panic Sell.

People enjoy their super-responsive support, the variety of traders to copy, the Portfolio to organize all of their cryptos in one place, the Smart Trading Terminal’s intuitiveness and Performance, and the ability to create your own Copy Trading Group, and so on.

Notifications On Telegram

You’ll get a Telegram message every time a buy/sell order is made or filled. In semi-auto Copy Trading mode, it’s also helpful to manually accept a Trade.

Telegram is a cross-platform cloud-based instant messaging program. The app is free of cost. There is also end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing, and other functionality accessible.

Support 24/7 & Active Community

Wall of Traders support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in a vibrant community.

To improve the product, they listen to the community. The entire staff is devoted to you.

Steps To Get Started On The Wall Of Traders

Create A Copy Trading Group Or Automate Your Trading In A Few Easy Steps

  • Step 1: Sign up for Binance without using a referral code.
  • Step 2: Make an account with the Wall Of Traders.
  • Step 3: Using API keys, connect Wall Of Traders to Binance.
  • Step 4: Create your own Copy Trading Group or copy a trader.

Simply link a Binance account created after March 2020 to Wall Of Traders without using a referral code. If your existing account isn’t qualified, you may open a new one on Binance in a matter of minutes and then transfer your cryptos from the previous one.

If you aren’t withdrawing more than 2 BTC every day, you don’t need to validate your identity. Otherwise, Wall Of Traders offers a subscription beginning at € 9.99/month to use their Trading tools with any Binance account.

Benefits That Come Along With The Wall Of Traders

Get Quick Updates On Prices And Trades

Updates on prices and trades are almost instantaneously, and the gap between the Wall Of Traders and the Exchange platform is a few milliseconds. To get these quick Updates on prices and trades, they use Websockets, which are direct tunnels between the Wall Of Traders and the Exchange platform.

Get Into Secure And Profitable Trading

With all the intelligent trading terminals, copy trading is free of cost, and 24*7 customer support is provided by the wall of trades. It lets you enter into secure and profitable trading. One can go through Social trading information and tutorials provided by them to make sure they proceed in the right manner.


Always Keep in mind that your money is in danger. Wall of Traders does not provide financial advice to you. Public Traders are just those who have performed well in the past. A Trader’s objective is to outperform the market, which entails doing better than simply purchasing and holding Bitcoin.

Some traders are outperforming both the bullish and bearish markets due to the short on Binance Futures. But all this does not guarantee any profitability as we are all in a world full of uncertainties. And Performance in the past does not ensure success in the future.


Wall of Traders Trading Platform is a Free Trading & Copy Trading platform. One can Copy the most successful cryptocurrency traders and bots with this platform. It enables you to build your own Copy Trading Group and utilize their powerful Smart Trading Interface.

It has no hidden fees, no spread, no minimum deposit, no commission on profits, and also no deposit or withdrawal fees.

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