The Reviews Are In – NRPR Group’s Clients Rave About The PR Agency

Public relations is an industry in flux. In fact, 73% of PR professionals believe that the term “public relations” alone won’t describe the work they do five years from now. Thanks to increasing digitization and shifting consumer expectations, PR is evolving so fast that agencies that don’t truly understand where the core value in narrative building and creation across digital platforms are scrambling to keep up.

But one agency rises above all others in the competitive Los Angeles scene: NRPR Group. PR veteran Nicole Rodrigues founded NRPR in 2014 as a way to change the industry and put her 14 years of expertise to use.

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After working with brands like PlayStation, Hulu, and Yahoo!, Rodrigues knew that the PR industry needed a face-lift. Her big gamble paid off: today, NRPR Group is one of the top public relations firms in California. The firm has been around more than eight years and it’s a force across the U.S.

“At NRPR Group, we are constantly working to sharpen and scale our expertise, strategies, and services to best assist our clients in achieving their business objectives,” Rodrigues told Business Talk magazine. “We strive to spot the curve of innovation across industries early on so we can stay ahead of it on behalf of our clients — this means we must do deep research, continue to learn constantly, and ask questions when appropriate.

NRPR Group has earned well-deserved awards from ACQ5 Magazine US, The Stevie Awards, M&A Global Awards, Bulldog Reporter, and the Los Angeles Business Journal. The company works wonders for everyone, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises in industries like consumer technology, digital entertainment, fintech, e consumer products, and more.

With a client roster that continues to welcome illustrious brands past and present like women’s telehealth clinic Ruth Health, L.A. Comic Con, SteadyMD, Legendary Foods, and Heal, NRPR Group’s reviews say it all. NRPR Group’s clients rave about Rodrigues’ vision as well as her team’s PR expertise. Rodrigues says that NRPR Group differentiates itself in four areas — and clients agree that Rodrigues’ team has the key to PR success.

1. Specialized Startup PR Expertise

NRPR is a savvy agency that refuses to rest on its laurels. Rodrigues attributes the company’s willingness to use digital channels — in addition to traditional methods — to get more coverage for its clients.

Instead of turning away small startup clients, NRPR Group created a custom package to suit the needs of small but quickly growing businesses. Rodrigues’ team created NRPR Business Productions (Biz Pro) to help startups build their business and reputation from the ground up. Biz Pro covers everything from legal entity creation to logo styling and press pitching, which is a boon to the startups that work with NRPR Group.

NRPR even created NRPR Productions, a small studio located in NRPR’s Beverly Hills, California, headquarters. Rodrigues invites startups to the studio to co-create branded content, commercials, corporate videos, and even YouTube series.

NRPR Group’s hands-on approach is a clear win for startups. According to Wesley Smoot, the marketing director for Unleashed LGBTQ, “The NRPR team helped me accomplish far more than I expected in my first year in business. Within weeks we were doing interviews and getting write-ups from publications — local and national. They are strategic and involved me in every step of the process. They really got to know me, my business, and my goals. That’s what makes the world of difference for effective public relations.

2. Investment In Quality Relationships

Sometimes digital marketing can feel a little impersonal. But NRPR Group’s relationship-based approach gives its clients the benefit of long-term connections with the media, industry experts, and influencers. “Once we sign a new client, we become an extension of their internal marketing and sales teams,” says Rodrigues.

Rodrigues prides herself on a high-touch model, which means all NRPR Group clients benefit from personalized attention. “At NRPR Group, we have a ‘no-blast’ policy for pitching: Since the day our doors opened, every pitch has been tailored with a personal touch and reviewed by an in-house editor,” Rodrigues explains.

In her NRPR Group review, Shona Grundy who’s held COO and CEO roles in the technology industry, shares, “Nicole and the team at NRPR are exceptional PR professionals. Having worked with Nicole for over 10 years, I simply would not attempt to build a company without her.

3. Traditional And Digital Approaches

When I founded NRPR in 2014, I did so to fill a void in the industry that wasn’t being addressed and to meaningfully disrupt the industry I love so dearly — in both practice and representation,” Rodrigues says. “I wanted to contribute my 14 years of insight, combining a traditional PR perspective with a newfound understanding of the emerging digital trends that were quickly reshaping the industry.

This is why NRPR Group prides itself as an agency of the future. Its hybrid approach blends both traditional PR and new digital channels to get tangible results for clients. NRPR Group can handle all areas of communication for its clients or manage just one area — it’s all about whatever the client needs. NRPR Group’s team of digital experts helps clients form relationships with print outlets and industry media entities, as well as podcasts, influencers, and bloggers.

In her NRPR Group review, Sandy Grigsby says NRPR Group’s dual approach works wonders: “I was booked on podcasts and featured in magazines so quickly that I wasn’t even mentally ready for it! I thought for sure I’d have more time but the bookings and interviews came in faster than I had expected — within days, actually! The best part is that now I don’t have to do all of the work. NRPR manages it all. They even call me to connect me with my interviews and they make sure I’m prepared every step of the way.

From Small Startup to the Best PR Agency in LA

NRPR Group rose through the ranks in the dog-eat-dog PR scene in LA to become one of the most illustrious PR providers in the state. Today, it’s rated as one of the best PR firms in the Los Angeles area. NRPR Group has also earned awards from ACQ5, The Stevie Awards, M&A Global Awards, Bulldog Reporter, and the Los Angeles Business Journal — making it one of the most impressive agencies in the cutthroat LA area. While Rodrigues has big dreams to scale the PR agency even more, it’s clear from the NRPR Group reviews that its clients are along for the ride to the top.

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