Richard Rakowitz – Important Reasons Why You Need A Multilingual, International Marketing Strategy

A recent study shows that nearly 60% of the world’s population is online. And, of that, almost 50% do not speak English as their first language. Experts like Richard Rakowitz in New York, NY, know that this means that if you want to tap into the global market, you must start thinking about a multilingual, international marketing strategy.

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What Is A Multilingual, International Marketing Strategy?

Richard Rakowitz says a multilingual, international marketing strategy considers different languages and cultures when crafting a marketing message. It’s about reaching out to potential customers in their native language or dialect and understanding the nuances of each culture so that your messages are meaningful to them.

Why Is A Multilingual, International Marketing Strategy Necessary?

There are numerous reasons why you need a multilingual, international marketing strategy. Here are some of the most important ones:

1. You’ll Reach A Wider Audience

The first and most obvious reason to have a multilingual website is to reach a wider audience. If you only have an English website, you’re excluding a huge chunk of potential customers – around 50%. Having a website available in multiple languages allows you to open your business up to the entire world.

2. You’ll Appear More Professional

When you have a website available in multiple languages, it gives the impression that your company has a diverse audience that you are able to cater to and address their needs. Maintaining a multilingual website takes a lot of effort and resources. So, even if you’re a small business with a limited budget, having a multilingual website makes you and your organization appear to be a well-established, functioning company.

3. You Can Optimize Your SEO For Multiple Keywords

Richard Rakowitz says another great benefit of having a multilingual website is that you can optimize your SEO with multiple keywords. This is because each language has unique keywords and phrases people use to search for products or services online. So, by optimizing your website with multiple languages, you can ensure that your business appears at the top of the search results no matter what language someone uses.

4. You Can Target Specific Countries Or Regions

With a multilingual website, you can target specific countries or regions within your marketing campaigns. This is because each language is spoken in different parts of the world. So, if you want to target European customers, you want to ensure that your website is available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc.

5. You Can Use Localization Techniques To Improve Engagement

Another great reason to invest in a multilingual marketing strategy is that it allows you to use localization techniques to improve engagement with your target audience. Localization is about adapting your content to appeal to your target audience’s culture. This means tailoring everything from your images and videos to your copy and overall tone to match the preferences of people in different cultures worldwide.

6. You Can Increase Your Social Media Following

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are also excellent places to connect with potential customers worldwide. And one of the best ways to grow your social media following is by creating content in multiple languages. This way, no matter what language someone speaks, they will be able to understand and engage with your content – which could lead them to follow your company on social media, and potentially become a customer.

7. You’ll Get An Edge Over Your Competitors

Finally, another great reason to invest in an international marketing strategy is that it can give you an edge over competitors who have not gone global yet. In today’s day and age, more and more businesses are starting to go global with their marketing efforts – which means that those who do not could be at a severe disadvantage soon enough (especially if they’re trying to compete in highly competitive industries).

8. It’s Not As Hard (Or Expensive) As You Might Think

Last but not least, one common misconception about going global with your marketing efforts is that it is tough (and expensive) to do so – but this isn’t necessarily true. Yes, it does take some time and effort to create high-quality content in multiple languages – but it does not have to be prohibitively expensive (especially if you outsource some or all of the work).

How Can You Create A Multilingual Website?

Richard Rakowitz says now that you know some of the benefits of having a multilingual website, you might wonder how to create one. Fortunately, there are a few different methods for doing so – but one of the most popular is to use translation software.  Translation software can help you quickly and easily create website versions in multiple languages without manually translating all the content yourself.

You can also consider using automated machine translation services (such as Google Translate) to create quick drafts of your translated content before it is proofread and edited by a professional translator. But, Richard Rakowitz does stress that automated machine translation services and tools should be used with caution.

Automated machine translation services are not entirely 100% accurate, and therefore, it is necessary for the translator to use a bilingual dictionary to look up keywords or phrases so that there is no miscommunication or errors in transmitting important information to customers and prospective clients.

Final Thoughts

Overall, many benefits are associated with having a multilingual website as part of your international marketing strategy – including increased reach, improved engagement, increased social media following, and getting ahead of competitors.

While creating high-quality content in multiple languages does take some effort, it doesn’t have to be excessively expensive or time-consuming. Going global with your marketing efforts is worth considering if you want to tap into new markets and grow your business.

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