Running An effective Gaming Company

Even if you’re not out to compete with big names like some of the AAA game developers on the market, there are still ways to run a smart, effective game company. Making some key performance upgrades can save you a whole lot of hassle, from setting up a proper game server with enhanced security features to switching from personal checks to business checks when you pay employees.

From an online game that’s multiplayer to a dedicated single-player game that still needs access to a game server for certain features, here are ways to beef up your game company.

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Switching Payroll Options

Many companies, especially smaller ones, have a tendency to rely too heavily on personal checks for payroll. Unlike business checks handled through a financial institution, these are not high-security checks and run the risk of your personal information getting into the wrong hands.

On top of that, without a proper account number or bank account, you could find yourself in a pickle when it comes time for tax season. That’s why it’s typically advisable for game developers to ditch the manual checks and deposit slips and work with a managed service that can handle check printing needs.

Even if you stick with paper checks over computer checks like direct deposit, check printing companies can still assist you. Unlike getting Sam’s Club or Walmart checks which are time-consuming, your check printing needs are handled elsewhere.

This includes acquiring new checks for the check order to check customization options and endorsement stamps. There are even ways to track check delivery. You’ll want to choose check printing companies that are compliant with the Check Payment Systems Association to avoid the risk of check fraud and other bank account issues.

Smarter Marketing

Take a look at your marketing materials. Do they speak to the things that actually interest gamers? Or are you simply advertising the same accessories time and time again? The gaming industry is competitive and many game developers either don’t succeed or are bought up by larger corporations to gain their IPs.

Your marketing materials need to be targeted and help you stand out. If you’re following the trends being set by your larger competitors, chances are you’re going to get drowned out. Think of how you can generate buzz. Determine what features you need to highlight. Understand what draws gamers in and speak to that.

The Game Server

Game hosting and game servers are especially critical these days. With the prevalence of day-one patches and fixes plus the number of games that offer online multiplayer, it’s crucial that your game server can perform when it counts. Your game server also needs to be protected from DDOS attacks and the manipulation of IP addresses or else gamers won’t feel confident using your products.

Many believe that the only way to do this is through a dedicated server. A dedicated server is perhaps the most secure game server available. unlike a shared hosting platform, this game server is all yours to use. However, it’s also the most expensive and something you likely won’t necessarily need unless you grow in size.

Instead, many game servers opt for VPS (virtual private servers) over the dedicated server clusters. VPS servers are protected from DDOS attacks without the deluxe price tag of the dedicated server setup. VPS servers may share physical hardware with other customers but ensure that your information is well-protected and your game server won’t go down. You also don’t need to host the hardware and accessories yourself as these are handled in data centers.

Running a more efficient game company is more than developing a good product. It’s also more than simply “keeping up.” Instead, you want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to your technology to ensure that you’re always looking towards the future.

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