Is It Safe To Use Reddit Essay Writing Services?

When students get writing assignments, the main problem is often not the difficulty of their papers but the lack of time. It’s hard to complete numerous assignments on time so students often reach out for help, and they find it on various websites that offer custom writing. A good example of such a website is EssayService. It is a fairly cheap research paper writing service, which currently tops the list of the most popular essay help platforms. However, not all such websites are safe. Some writing services have been around for many years and they have a spotless reputation, while others disappoint their customers and quickly disappear.

If you google “essay writing service,” you’ll see hundreds of results. All of these services claim that they will deliver top-notch papers but not all of them are actually trustworthy. There are services that publish fake reviews so you may think that you’re dealing with professionals while ordering your papers from amateur writers who are not even native English speakers.

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Writing Services On Reddit

Many students search for good writing services on Reddit because this platform is a place where you can get the necessary advice quickly, talking to real people and learning from their experience. Reddit is a huge platform so it’s no surprise that you can find writing services there. There are dozens of subreddits where you can order your essays, being in direct touch with tutors. Another advantage of Reddit essay services is that there is a bidding system so you might get your essays at the lowest price.

This platform also has good moderation. You must have 50 points in your account to gain access so it gets easier to filter fake accounts and spam. Besides, users leave their feedback so you can see whether a certain writing service is trustworthy or not. However, there are still some fake accounts so you can never be 100% sure that a particular service is as good as it seems. Fortunately, the Reddit community is very active so there are certainly more real reviews than fake ones.

What Are The Downsides?

Nevertheless, it’s hard to call Reddit writing services completely safe. On the one hand, everyone can upvote or downvote a subreddit so the reputation of a writing service is easy to check. On the other hand, the votes reflect how many people like a certain post, not the subreddit itself. The truth is that everything is a bit subjective on Reddit. All the voters are anonymous so you might still be concerned about whether their votes are legit or not.

Reputation is important, but there is also another thing that you should be concerned about — it’s confidentiality. Submitting someone else’s work is a serious offense in the academic world. Of course, your professor likely won’t be able to understand who has written your essay if it passes plagiarism check. However, it’s always better to make sure that you’re using writing services confidentially. Fortunately, when you visit Reddit, you remain anonymous. However, when working with most writing services, you need to pay upfront, and usually, such subreddits use PayPal. Therefore, they can see your personal information, which isn’t good if you want to purchase your papers anonymously.

As you can see, you should analyze numerous factors to determine whether a certain Reddit writing service is trustworthy or not. Here’s the good news: we did it for you and selected the most popular Reddit essay writing services that leave little room for doubt.

The Best Reddit Essay Writing Services

  • PaperMarket – Here you can not only buy academic papers but also find a lot of useful information on different topics. There are many posts from users who make random requests, from essays on ancient literature to film essays on art-house movies. These guys also have useful recommendations for students who have never ordered essays online or never used Reddit at all.
  • DoMyHomework – This is a reliable service with 6.5 thousand subscribers. These guys care about your confidentiality so they ask users to never provide any contact information. To order a paper here, you only need to provide a brief description of your assignment, along with the word count and deadline. However, they also recommend that you describe your order in as much detail as you can.
  • DoMyHomeworkForMe – This subreddit was created by a group of professional essay writers who decided to create a marketplace where students can order writing services at reasonable prices. You can check every writer’s prior experience, expertise, and rate. Most writers are native English speakers.
  • Stressays – This subreddit offers many writing services at affordable prices. Here you can find someone who will write an essay from scratch, or you can order editing and proofreading. They can also translate texts for you and provide online exam coaching. This subreddit also has a complaints section and a scam advisory.


There are many Reddit essay writing services. Although you cannot trust all of them, some services have a great reputation. Of course, there are thousands of fake accounts and fake reviews on Reddit, and some services that look legit may turn out to be fraudulent. Therefore, we recommend that you choose writing services carefully and do some research before ordering your essays.

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