Safely Send Your Customer’s Package With These Tips

If you’re a business owner, then you’ll understand the importance of shipping and packing your packages to customers. If you ship your items properly, you can create a huge positive impact on your brand. Moreover, it is found that 93% of consumers prefer to stay updated throughout the delivery process of their packages.

Therefore, you need to know a few tips and tricks to optimize your shipping methods affordably. So come on, let’s get started!

Safely send customer’s package these tips


1. Choose The Right Size Of Packaging

One of the easiest things to do to ensure your parcels are being sent safely is to pack them in appropriately-sized boxes. For example, if you have a jewelry business where you mostly sell small items like earrings and pendants, you don’t need to pack these things in larger boxes.

Not only will that take up more space and money, but your items can get damaged during shipping. On the other hand, if you have to ship out large-sized items like showpieces or cutlery, you must ship them out in larger boxes to prevent them from breaking.

2. Use Proper Packaging Items

It isn’t enough to just put your items inside packaging boxes. You also have to ensure that nothing gets broken or damaged throughout the ride. This is why you must tightly seal the boxes using cushioning materials, tapes, and other necessary tools.

Remember, the box is only the first layer of protection, so the empty space inside the box can significantly impact whether the product you’re shipping will stay intact or not.

Many business owners often use packing peanuts or thermocouple beads as cushioning materials. Moreover, you should also seal the boxes with tape.

3. Partner Up With An Efficient Company

Even if you have packaged your products best, you still have to ship them out using a reliable freight company. While the right shipping company will ensure that your packages get delivered safely within time, the wrong ones can cause a huge loss to your business.

This is why so many businesspeople in Australia choose Freight People. This broker service will hook you up with some of the best logistics partners in Australia.

Moreover, their live tracking systems also make it easier for you to stay updated. Hence you can also update your customers about it. So you won’t have to worry about your parcels anymore.

4. Insert Labels And Business Cards

You must also put labels and your business cards, customer’s address, and contact information in every order you ship out. Between your warehouse and the customer’s doorstep, a lot of different hands will carry your boxes. And it’s quite natural that the outermost label can get damaged or torn.

Even if the outside labels are not legible, the logistics company can still contact you using the information inside.

5. Standardize The Packaging Process

You must set clear guidelines and packing processes in your warehouse so that all the packing is done in an optimal way. You can create checklists and train your employees to follow each step of the process. For example, train them in the beginning and ask them to understand the different ways of packing an item and why a certain item has to be packed in a specific way.

From choosing the correct box size to labeling each box, your employees must be trained properly. If your packing process is standardized, you can easily ship out parcels and ensure safety.

6. Be Prepared

Despite your business type and sales, your products will always sell out faster during peak times. For example, if you have a toy store, then some of the peak seasons are during Christmas and New Year.

Therefore, preparing for these seasonal rushes is always a good idea. You’ll have to ship out more items than usual. So you’ll have less time to devote to one box.

Even before the season begins, keep some boxes aside and fill them with cushioning materials. If you know you’ll sell a large quantity of one item in advance, pack them beforehand.

Over To You

Bear these important things in mind to ensure that all your parcels reach your customer’s house safely. So don’t wait anymore and create a checklist today!

Safely send customer’s package these tips


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