Ten Amazing Activities To Do In And Around Branson, Missouri

The Ozarks are a massive region that spans several states, but by far, the beating heart of the entire area has to be Branson. Yes, there’s a town called Ozark a short drive away, but that town has nothing on the metropolis that is Branson.

This is the home of music, shopping, going to museums, and more. There’s so much to do in Branson and with so many fun new activities and things to do popping up in 2024, making Branson your home base is an absolute must.

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Why Choose Branson, Missouri, For Your Ozarks Trip?

The reason Branson is an absolute must for those planning a trip to the Ozarks is because it’s so easy to get to all the top destinations in the area.

Yes, there are other towns in the Ozarks that you can stay in, but Branson is a destination in its own right while also having plenty of routes out for day trips.

It also has a great number of places to stay – all at a great rate. Click to visit this resort and see just how affordable a luxury resort can be.

With pools, activities, and high-quality accommodation, you can truly make your vacation out to the woods feel like something special. Plus, if you choose a Branson resort, you’ll be close to all the action.

Top Ten Amazing Activities To Do In And Around Branson

While Branson is the heart of the Ozarks and a great gateway to the area, there’s so much to do right in the city or nearby that you really won’t need to go far at all to enjoy a magical experience in the area.

Just look at these top ten activities you can partake in:

1. Bike, Hike, Or Trek

Even if it’s just for one day, it’s highly recommended that you get out there on foot (or bike) to explore the natural beauty around Branson.

There are so many great hikes as well, from paved options that take you to the bluffs of Stockstill Park to multi-day treks through the Trans Ozark Trail. Always make sure you are realistic with how long the trail will take and pack and plan accordingly.

2. Catch A Live Show

Theatre is huge in Branson, and for good reason. It’s here where you can see live music and acrobatic feats at the Haygoods.

Or you can see a jam-packed tribute show showcasing the work of big names like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash at the Million Dollar Quartet, or even catch an illusionary feat at Reza or the New El Mago Pop.

3. Get Dinner With A Show

If you want to eat and drink while enjoying some top-notch entertainment, Branson has you covered.

You can head over to the Silver Dollar City during one of their many festivals (like the Bluegrass & BBQ) or watch a dinner show, like Dolly Parton’s Stampede, for a dinner experience you’ll never forget.

4. Zipline Through The Ozarks

Forget just exploring the beauty of the Branson’s nature on foot. There are several ziplining adventures to be had, allowing you to get right above the action and enjoy a thrilling experience to boot.

To enjoy this ziplining experience, head to The Vigilante Extreme ZipRider or the Adventure Ziplines of Branson.

If you aren’t a fan of ziplining but still want the experience, then there’s a new treetop trail at Shepherd of the Hills that lets you explore 600ft of sky-high bridges for a bird’s eye view.

5. Dive Deep Into Ozark’s Caves

Ozark is home to so many caves, and you can explore them yourself. So long as you don’t free-dive and you go with tours, they’re also completely safe. One of the must-sees in the area is even on a golf course!

This cave marvel is known as the Cathedral of Nature, and it’s actually a very new experience. It was only revealed after a sinkhole back in 2015, and it took six years to clear out and make it ready for the public.

6. Spend A Day At One Of The Adventure Parks

There are so many great theme parks, water parks, and adventure parks for you to choose from.

  • Silver dollar city is the go-to place for ozark history, thrilling rides (including its new fire in the hole coaster, opening this year), festivals, and live shows.
  • Wonderworks is a science-themed amusement park that showcases exhibits alongside its rides and games.
  • The track family fun parks is where to go for go-karts, mini-golf, and other funfair activities that are sure to delight those of all ages.

7. Visit The Top Of The Rock

The Top of the Rock offers some truly spectacular views while you explore Ozark Village, where you can shop and dine. Plus, you can take a tram ride up to the top for an even more fun and memorable experience.

8. Enjoy Endless Live Music During The Summer Festivals

Every June to August, you can enjoy free outdoor events. Expect live music, a large outdoor cinema, and a host of things to do every Friday night during this period.

Silver Dollar City also hosts its own summer festival of live original and tribute music, so you’re spoiled for choice.

9. Get Local With The Regular Festivals

The summer music festivals are just the start. You can also expect fun crafts, shops, and events during the festivals hosted throughout the year (usually at the Silver Dollar City). A big highlight, for example, is the fall festival, where you can immerse yourself in fun fall activities.

Or Christmas, when Branson becomes America’s Christmas tree city.

10. Going Out Of Branson: Top Day Trips

Of course, Branson is just one of the top destinations in the Ozarks.

The good news is that many of the other big things to do are close enough for a day trip out of the city so that you can get your fill of all that the Ozarks has to offer.

Here’s just a quick rundown of what you can do on a day trip:

  • Visit the “ghost town” of topaz mill.
  • See an artist’s revival of a classic old town at red oak ii.
  • Go back in time at bo’s hollow.
  • See a unique music experience at the oldfield opry.

Each of these activities or towns can be explored in a day, so take your time and plan your day out accordingly so that you can get back to Branson in time for your next evening show.

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