Saleh Stevens Discusses How To Decide Which Blockchains To Invest In

If you’re an investor, you may be aware of the ways blockchain technology can increase your earning potential. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, people can now invest in them like stocks and hopefully earn dividends from their increase of value in the market.

According to experts, blockchain is considered a game-changer in the realm of computer and finance technologies. Because of its fast-paced nature and ability to solve most inefficiencies in data transport, it is possible that in 20-50 years time, most companies will incorporate blockchain technology into their products and services.

At present, companies such as IBM, Amazon, Facebook, and American Express have shown their capabilities to incorporate blockchain in their business. However, not all blockchain companies equal in value.

According to Saleh Stevens, a known financial expert, you must not only be tech-savvy but also be aware of the latest trends of each tech company within the realm of blockchain. What are some ways to determine the potential value of blockchain companies? In this post, he shares his insights about pointers that investors should remember.

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Is The Company Expanding Its Services In The Blockchain Tech Industry?

The first thing you have to remember when attempting to invest in blockchain companies is their current innovations. For example, IBM is a current pioneer in blockchain technology. They currently have 1,500 employees dedicated to the expansion of their blockchain services to solve tech-related problems.

The innovations they presently have within the industry are unparalleled. According to Saleh Stevens’ research, the contributions of their blockchain innovation amount to almost $ 7 per share in the stock market. If you are aware of how a company applies and innovates using blockchain technology, this may be a good investment.

What Is The Company’S Current Technological Presence?

Another question to consider is the company’s technological presence. You need to be wary that some companies will only ride with the trends in order to gain a profit. Since blockchain is a sub-category of computer, science, and finance it may be helpful to assess what is the company’s standing in terms of how they promote their services through technology.

For example, Alibaba makes use of online e-commerce to help suppliers in China provide products to entrepreneurs in the West. Their technological presence is strong, making them a good candidate to invest in for blockchain.

What Is The Past And Present Performance Of The Company?

Something to consider is the company’s past and present performance not just in the realm of blockchain but also in the overall market. It may be risky to invest in a company that seems volatile in performance rather than picking one that rises slowly but steadily.

For example, Mastercard has a good stock performance not just in the blockchain market but in the overall stock market. According to Wallet Investor, the value of Master Card has just increased to $ 348.137 in shares. This is a company that shows its long-term potential based on past and present performance.

What Do Investing Experts Say?

Lastly, another important question to ask is the opinion of financial experts regarding the company. You may want to consult those who are well-versed in the field of blockchain and also within the stock market. Financial experts recognize the rise and fall of trends within the market and may able to look into an opportune time to invest in a high-potential company.

Being a wise investor means asking these questions before having a major investment in blockchain. Understanding the intricacies and trends within the industry can provide you with the knowledge you need to make a profitable investment.

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