How To Save Money On Healthcare As An Entrepreneur

Did you know that there’s a dark side to entrepreneurship? – A recent survey of entrepreneurs and their health displayed that 30% are suffering from a history of depression, whereas 29% have ADHD. With long hours and constant stress, this should come as no surprise. The problem is that even when entrepreneurs do take note, the accessibility of healthcare is lacking. They don’t have employer-sponsored health plans, and everything must come out of pocket.

So how can entrepreneurs save money on healthcare?

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Get A Medical Discount Card

The Commonwealth Fund performed a study that concluded the average American spends $1,000 per person per year. This is a huge amount and entrepreneurs can’t stomach that, so they often decide to march on without the prescription medications they need.

Get a medical discount card to take the edge off these high costs. Cards like SingleCare will save you a huge amount of money on prescriptions.

For example, if you’re suffering from depression and you need Viibryd to combat it, get a Viibryd discount card from a retailer like SingleCare.

Some cards even offer added features. For example, the SingleCare card also offers video doctor calls for $45 and includes discounts on trips to the dentist and the optometrist.

Avoid The Emergency Room At All Costs

It’s common for entrepreneurs to not opt for medical insurance. Despite receiving fines, the cost of the fine is often lower than the insurance, so they simply eat the cost.

Today the average emergency room bill can cost anywhere from $150 for a non-emergency to $3,000 for something more severe. And there’s no upper limit.

An alternative to this is Patient First.

In most states, Patient First won’t charge an uninsured visitor more than $300 for visits. It’s always going to be cheaper than going to the emergency room.

Stop Buying Branded Drugs

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry overcharges for prescription drugs. Americans believe that they have to deal with it because there’s no alternative. But there is an alternative.

Believe it or not, there are a variety of generic drugs that do practically the same thing under a different brand. The differences are minor, and they treat the same problems.

You can find most of these generic brands on the same aisle as the expensive prescription drugs.

Try Alternative Methods

It’s become something of an American tradition that when there’s a problem you reach for the pills. Unfortunately, this usually just alleviates the symptoms and doesn’t target the core problems people have.

Alternative health treatments usually have no side effects and target the problem at its source. For example, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur with back pain from sitting in the office for too long. You might reach for the painkillers, but you know that same pain is going to return.

Consider going to a chiropractor or an acupuncturist instead. Depending on your location, these treatments can be administered for around $25 an hour.

That’s much cheaper than buying prescription drugs!

Take Care Of Your Health

But the best action you can take to avoid problems is to take care of your health in the first place. Spend fewer hours in the office and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Eat better, get more exercise, and learn when to take a break. You’re no good to anyone half alive.

Last Word – There Are Many Ways To Save On Healthcare As An Entrepreneur

If you ignore what the commercials say, you’ll find a lot of ways in which you can save money on healthcare as an entrepreneur. None of them require you to have insurance, either, so there’s no major investment you must make. Are you suffering from any health problems?

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