How Current Self-Made Billionaire Entrepreneurs Got Rich [Infographic]

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve probably thought about what it would be like to become a self-made billionaire. These days, millionaires are a dime a dozen, so you might as well think bigger, right? I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade. A few days ago, someone asked me when the hardest time was during those years. After thinking about that for a while, I decided the hardest time was in the very beginning. Entrepreneurs are fragile in the beginning.

It’s the most common time when family and friends question their decision to go out on their own, and sometimes it feels like you’re standing on a tiny island out in the middle of the ocean. After you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while though, it gets easier. At that point, you’ve learned to surround yourself with other like-minded people, and your family and friends start to accept your decision and maybe even share in your passion.

If you make a commitment to work hard and follow your idea all the way through to the end, do you think you’ll become a self-made billionaire? It’s possible, don’t you think? I’ve always said that becoming an entrepreneur only for the money is a tough way to go. You’ve got to have the drive, dedication and passion to back it up. You’ve got to have something other than your dream of being wealthy to fuel your inspiration in the tough times, but if you’ve got that, then why not take it all the way, right?

This infographic called From Poor To Rich: How Much Sweat It Takes From Zero To Billionaire (by Funders and Founders) shows you the path that current billionaires have taken to acquire their wealth. This is a very interesting chart, which proves you don’t have to start out living a life of privilege to make it big. As you see, all the self-made billionaires on this list took enormous risks. I hope you read this and get inspired about what is possible in your own life! It definitely inspired me.

How Much Sweat It Takes To Become A Self-Made Billionaire

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Via: [Funders and Founders] Header Image Credit: [Five Cent Nickel]