How An SEO Audit Can Boost Your Business

There are so many disparate benefits of having a professional website that is not only smooth and appealing to users but also to search engines, that having an SEO audit should be an absolute no brainer. In order to understand just why an SEO audit is such an important cog in the wheel of any successful website’s machine, it is first important to ensure that the nature of an SEO audit is clearly understood. An SEO audit is the process of investigating and analyzing how successful a website and web presence is in relation to best practice. A proper SEO audit will identify the scope of any foundational issues that hinder organic search performance.

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Enhanced SEO

Over the past decade, the way in which successful SEO integration is achieved has undergone a dramatic overhaul. No longer is it sufficient or indeed prudent to use keywords ad infinitum at the expense of coherent, lucid and helpful content. Rather the emphasis has shifted to positive and unique user-centered content that helps people understand things rather than search engines. Of course, there is still a place for SEO and something of a compromise can often be struck. Keywords remain important but there is a necessary balance between snappy head terms and long-tail keywords. See the example below.

Head term: Record digging tips

Long-tail keywords: How to find the best-hidden gems in record shops

Boosting Organic Search Visibility

What is it that you want to be known for? This is a vital question all business owners must ask before they can begin to target effective organic search visibility. There’s no value in ranking highly in search results for the wrong searches as users will quickly realize they are in the wrong place. You need to understand your market and the unique issues of your customer base. An SEO audit will involve keyword archaeology – digging and searching for the most commonly entered search terms from actual customers in order to integrate them in advertising and on-page SEO.

Highlight Potential Partners And Opportunities

Part of the ‘keyword archaeology’ process involves identifying other sites that share the same ideal keywords as you. These can be influencers, competitors or possible affiliates for creating a workable partnership. Working alongside successful bloggers and vloggers, in particular, can really provide some incredibly lucrative opportunities and raise brand awareness.

Highlight Traffic Trends…And Act On Them

During the process of an SEO audit, you will be able to pinpoint recent trends in traffic on your site, giving you a unique insight into the behavior of your valued customers, present and future. This should be able to help you develop strategies for product development, marketing and ideas for the perfect blog content, all of which contribute to improving lead conversion and developing new leads as well.

Finally, Fixing The Technical Issues

An SEO audit will also give your website a spring clean in terms of broken or repeated links, spam, bad backlinks and URLs among other issues. Help from a professional with an SEO audit will really boost your site’s user-friendliness and ultimately improve your brand and bottom line.

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