Skyrocketing Sales – 7 Ways To Make Your eBay Listing Stand Out

Even with heavy competition, no one moves product like eBay. They are still the kings, and it is a crown that is worn well. But being successful in a cramped marketplace requires skill, and only the smartest of sellers know the best tricks.

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1. Wording

Good keywords like video production Melbourne highlights the services or products offered by the listing. The summary should be informative enough to get someone to click but vague enough to leave them wanting more. By providing too much information on the preview the buyer will have no reason to look at the rest of the listing.

2. Pay The Fee

Yes, it helps to pay for promoted listings. Millions per year use the free options to advertise their listings. By being one of the few thousand per month that uses promotions, you become an instant standout. The value of a promotional listing instantly pays for itself with guaranteed clicks.

3. Accept PayPal

PayPal and eBay are partners. It makes sense that they would promote and prioritize listings that use their partnered services. Without a PayPal badge, you are cutting yourself off from millions of potential consumers. There is very little reason to not allow PayPal as a payment when you put a listing on eBay.

4. Advertise Local Pickup

The only thing that can beat free delivery is local pickup availability. If you use this option alongside free delivery, it will broaden your offers from different parties. Alone, these options are nothing special. Together, you provide an extra delivery option that trumps the rest of the competition.

5. Choose The Right Category

When eBay opened the doors for sellers to choose multiple categories, it led to some really confusing listings. Pay close attention to where you place services and products to prevent them from getting lost. A mis-categorization not only hurts sales, but it puts you in the crosshairs of angry consumers. There are plenty of reputable sellers that have been banned for this offense.

6. Photos Are Everything

A stock photo is an eyesore to someone that is shopping. It shows the seller doesn’t care, and in some situations can look like a scam. If the seller doesn’t even bother to create an original image, then what does it say about the actual product? The only reason to use a stock image is to hide physical defects of a product.

7. Use The Advanced Search Engine

Sometimes you overshoot when it comes to price. Other times you lose money by not putting enough effort into the ad. With eBay’s advanced search engine, you can look at past sold listings to better tend to your current price and description. This is a great starting point to see where you can make a product or service shine its brightest.

A Seller Unlike Any Other

Once you practice these tricks, your listing will stand out among the others. You don’t need years of practice to be a great eBay seller. Just stick to the gameplan, and remember that it’s a market that is built to buy.

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