How Can Social Media Become Your Career Killer?

Building your career is an important task. If you are looking to propel your career forward, you need to have the education to support it. After completing your education, you need to start gaining experience. Every internship counts when it comes to pushing your career forward. But your education and experience can amount to nothing if you end up killing your career through social media faux pas. How can social media have such a significant impact on your career? Here are some aspects that employers look into using background checking software like Veromi.

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Credibility Check

When you hand over your resume to your employer the first things they check are your qualifications and experience. Calling up or mailing all your references can be an additional task for your employers. Hence, employers choose to use Veromi and other software to make the task easier. Veromi allows employers to find your social media profiles as well as public records. Listing “studied at Hogwarts” as your education and “worked at The Wall as a Crow” as your work experience is not a smart move. List your real schools and real work experience so that your employers can corroborate your details.


No workspace wants to invite controversy. Justine Sacco, the ex-senior director of corporate communications at IAC, got sacked due to her controversial tweets. With the world becoming the more politically correct place, it is impossible to escape the repercussions of insensitivity. When you talk about any controversial issue, you run the risk of your employers deeming the post threatening to the company’s image. To keep the company’s image clean, your job application might be rejected based on a polarising post.

Interest Focus

What you are interested in might interest your employers. Being interested in the kind of work is very important for job satisfaction. Your potential employer might look for your areas of interest to judge if you will be invested in the job that you are being hired for. Clash of interests can make you a disinvested employee. All the pages you like, and all the groups that you are in can help your employees understand how well suited you are for the job.


Employee satisfaction is significant for companies today. By going through your social media profiles, your potential employer can see if you are suited for the workspace. Any kind of negative posts might be judged harshly. As important as you are to the company, the other employees are essential as well. No employer will look to hire someone who is disagreeable. Your social media battles might portray you as hard to get along with.

In Conclusion

An employer can use a background checking software like Veromi to check your background without your permission. You can choose to specify that you are not giving them permission to look you up using such software. The denial for permission, however, can make the employer suspicious and can automatically eliminate you from the candidate list. So, keep your social media profile clean and allow employers to see the image they want to look at.

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