Steve Jobs Gives His Opinion About Why Some People Fail [1994 Video]

When we’re trying to find it, the distance between success and failure can seem very long. It can seem like it is taking forever to experience the success you know you deserve. When you look at it from a different perspective though, it’s not hard to realize that success and failure are closer than you may think. We’ve all heard the saying that some people fail right before they were about to succeed, and in that one decision to stop or give up, they changed the course of their entire lives.

Many times people spend years learning a craft or learning a lesson, and then in one quick decision, the flood gates open and they experience the success they’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t often happen overnight, but it does happen fast in many cases. You can find proof of that in the many Kickstarter campaigns that have gone wildly successful. Many times those startups didn’t know if they would be able to continue without funding, and a month later with the help of crowdfunding, they are able to raise even more money than they had hoped.

According to this interview that Steve Jobs did in 1994, the reason some people fail is because they ‘never ask.’ In this short video, he explains some of his successes through life which were achieved by just asking.

This video snippet is part of a one-hour long interview with the Silicon Valley Historical Association. In the full length video, he talks about risk, why some people fail, his own experiences, and learning the value of creating your own environment. You can purchase an MP3 download, Quicktime film download or DVD of the interview here on Silicon Valley Historical Association. If anything, this video will make you realize that it’s okay to reach out for help when you need it. Inspiring!

Steve Jobs Gives His Opinion About Why Some People Fail


Via: [Business Insider]